ICI/PRO Podcast 348 Beat Down Audio Profile with Krista Leopold


As promised, here’s Krista Leopold’s Indoor Cycling Class Profile; Beat Down! Training Type: LT Intervals Working HR Zones: 4 Total Class Length: 55 min Objective and Intensity After recently being inspired by a boxing match I watched at the nail salon of all places, I decided to try to bring my riders into the ring for a full class. This ride is shaped by the structure of a boxing match. 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile (July 2015 Week 3)


  Below you’ll find Week 3 of July’s Keep it Simple and Progress indoor cycling profile. Workout Basics: 5 minute warmup 3 x 4 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1 minute recovery after the third 4 minute interval 3 x 3 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1 minute recovery after the third 3 minute interval 3 x 2 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1 minute 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile (July 2015 Week 2)


Below you’ll find Week 2 of July’s Keep it Simple and Progress indoor cycling profile. In order to keep it simple and progress I have kept the same series of intervals as last week but reduced the rest to just 45 seconds.  Due to the reduced rest there’s extra time, so I added three 30 second maximum effort intervals at the end of the workout. Workout Basics: 5 minute warmup 3 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 346 Double Pyramid Intervals Class Audio Profile from Chrispins

double pyramid

I love teaching pyramid profiles in my classes and I find that it’s a ride that I return to again and again. The idea of the pyramid is quite simple and there are many different ways to create profiles using the basic premise. With this particular profile, we are riding two pyramids with recoveries at the top and then again between each pyramid. If you have never used a pyramid 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile (July 2015 Week 1)


Last month I started this “Keep it Simple and Progress” profile post.  In my classes this has been a huge success!  Many riders have excitedly shared with me their wattage and/or resistance improvements.  It’s so rewarding to see and hear how we, as instructors, are changing lives through health and fitness everyday. I’ve been using this 3 week progressive training technique, with great success, for many years as a coach, 

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Audio Profile RSS feed has been updated


We just completed an update of the ICI/PRO feed to make it more user friendly. ICI/PRO members get access to a special “Super Secret iTunes Feed” that will deliver a condensed listing of all of our downloadable Audio Profile Podcasts + full class mixed .mp3 playlists to iTunes or the Podcast App on your phone. This latest update striped out everything but the important bits = now you’ll easily find 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress, Reduce the Rest (Week 3 Progression)


Here is the 3rd post of my new “The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress” profile feature on ICI/Pro.  My goal with these profiles is to show how easy it can be to create just one profile every 3 weeks and with some subtle changes in riding position, RPM, interval and recovery duration as well as a new playlist each week theses workouts will “feel” different but 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple, Let the Body Adapt and Progress (Week 2 Progression)


Last week I wrote about how my simplest sets and profiles are most often my most popular.  I have also found that if I simply progress profiles from week to week, usually in 3 week blocks, my classes enjoy the familiarity of the workout and see progressive improvement. To add progression to a block of workouts all you need to do is add time to each interval or reduce recovery 

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The Power of 3 Simple Sets and the Science of Anchoring Time and Effort (Week 1 Progression)


The more I teach the more I find that the simplest profiles are the most popular.  I often put together simple profiles and I’m always worried that my participants are going to be bored, but the longer the intervals and the more I repeat each set the more they love it. This gives participants more and more opportunities to understand the set and perfect how they perform it.  When you 

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The Power of Music – Cycle 360 and MY ADHD Ride


On April 10th I attended a “Cycle 360″ certification workshop at Colorado Athletic Club Monaco in Denver, Colorado.  Wellbridge, the parent company of Colorado Athletic Club, has seen the huge success of programs like Soul Cycle, Flywheel and Full Psycle and decided to create a “Rhythm” style class of their own in an attempt to create a boutique cycling studio experience inside a big box club.  Cycle 360 is a 

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The Loud Ones – Class Work Set Profile using the Stages Sprint Shift

The Loud Ones ICIPRO Class Profile

Ride Name: The Loud Ones Work Set Length: 13:44 + 7:17 recovery [21 minutes] The Sprint Shift on the new Stages SC3 bike is your interval training solution. Left position for easy, Center position for medium, Right position for hard. Make micro-adjustments with the resistance knob during the interval. Could it be any easier? Now, I am a big believer in training with power, benchmarking your effort, and documenting your 

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