Making effortless connections with participants

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I love sharing anything created by public speaking expert Alexa Fischer. She has just published part one of a free video series. I just finished watching this 13 min video and felt you may enjoy learning how to move past the negative thoughts that could be holding you back from effortlessly connecting with your riders. When opportunities happen, it’s up to you to be ready. Whether it’s chatting your boss 

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Do Something that Scares You

do the thing you think you cannot

  By Jennifer Lintz, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and ICI/PRO Contributor Have you ever not done something because you weren’t sure you could? As instructors, I have a feeling many of us talk quite a bit about comfort zones (specifically, getting out of them) in our classes, but I often wonder … do we take our own advice? I have seen Eleanor Roosevelt’s quotes on this topic numerous times, but I will 

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Stop Listening To Vegetarians and Start Eating Complete Protein (You’ll Focus Better!)

stay in focus

True observation: I’ve had quite a few class participants who were unable to focus for more than 30 seconds at a time. No exaggeration. It was particularly noticeable in rowing (it’s easier to hide on a bike), and usually coincided with the fact that they were vegetarians. Another rowing instructor told me that someone in his class “can’t focus longer than 30 seconds.” When I asked, it turned out the 

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Keeping It FUN – Indoor Cycling’s Guide To The Wireless World

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  Congratulations! You have decided to take the leap and open an Indoor Cycling studio…you’re not alone. Dedicated Indoor Cycling studios are growing in popularity and numbers. Owning an Indoor Cycling studio is FUN and like any other new small business adventure, not without obstacles. Let’s assume that you’ve done all your research, found the perfect location, pulled permits, hired an architect, created a logo, chosen your bikes, learned new 

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Use Thought Bubbles for Class Story Line and Cues

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In Jennifer Lintz’s last post; Use YOUR Workout as Inspiration for your Next Class , Jennifer talked about using your personal workouts and build a class around them. Makes sense to me… because I’ve experienced something, I can more accurately describe the feelings, intensity, frustration, etc… I follow communication expert Alexa Fischer (she was featured on Podcast #296) and she’s frequently sending out short videos that seem to always get me 

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Still More on Motivation


By Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas As you may know from reading these posts, I’ve written about motivation in several of them.  I’m often asked to speak to groups about motivation, or write about it in newsletters that go out to athletes.  It typically happens in January, because the expectation is that everyone has de-tuned over the holiday season and let their fitness and discipline slide.  Since I don’t 

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Coaching students during their “Golden Hour”

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I suppose I should start this by answering your question; “what exactly is their Golden Hour, John?” It’s my description of the 60 minutes, that follows the first 30 minutes, of aerobic activity. For you, me and many (if not most) of the students in your class, we all have a period of time where we are the strongest on the bike. Depending on your level of fitness, that period 

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Motivation vs. Enthusiasm


By Team ICG® Master Trainer Joan Kent Do any of your students struggle with motivation? Have any of them missed classes, perhaps several in a row, because they “just didn’t feel motivated”? For a number of years, I’ve been an instructor/nutritionist for a weight-management program that includes indoor cycling. Motivation has often been an issue. Which comes first – motivation or results? My immediate response to that question was “motivation.” 

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Solving Student’s Technical Problems

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Question from an ICI/PRO member: Hey john, I had a rider wearing a Timex HRM in class yesterday and it would not pick up her heart rate on the Keiser console of any of the bikes?  It does work on other equipment in the facility (treadmills etc.) Is there a reason for this? and what she should check if purchasing another HRM to look out for? thanks This had me 

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Power, Part 2: Effortless Power and the Inner Aspect of Cycling


By Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas – What’s the use of a state-of-the-art bicycle and a robust training plan if the rider hasn’t developed spirit or mental control? Many coaches will tell you that no equipment or training method has value unless it helps to develop your spirit. Those coaches search for ways to infuse a calm and balanced mental attitude in their students and assure heightened clarity of 

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Lookin’ for Energy in All the Wrong Places


By Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci The tendency of the western mind is to expand and be progressive. The desire to “take it to the next level” is part of that, the goal of it. Progression is inherent in physical training. Until periodization became popular, all cardio-based training was based on progression. With periodization, cardio training still progresses, but in 

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