Above and @ Threshold Profiles – “It should feel like you’re taking a bath in a tube full of lactate”


  We’ve all heard the causality dilemma, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”.   Ancient philosophers have been debating this question since the beginning of recorded history.  Indoor cycling instructors have been asking themselves a similar question,”What comes first, the playlist or the profile?”, ever since Jonny G showed the world how much fun it could be to ride a bike that goes nowhere. As a more “seasoned” instructor 

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New Epic Planet Indoor Cycling DVD – Video

indoor cycling video dvd download for class

Epic Planet just released a new DVD/Video you can use in your classes! The Tour of the West – Volume 1 – Intervals [They are also offering a 30% discount on all digital downloads – the company is based in Florida and the producer is feeling a little sorry for all of us stuck in the cold/snow & ice] Just enter Coupon Code BIGFREEZE at checkout to get 30% off 

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A good ride!

That's me in the hat - with the MI team from ICG.

I taught my last class today. My last ride so-to-speak. It all started seven years ago. I had been Spinning® for years. That day our regular instructor asked me to lead her class. She was just too sick. To me – a pilot – it was like being asked to safely land an airliner because the pilots were incapacitated. Truth be told, I was far more prepared to land a 

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Free Music Friday – Is this your best effort?


I love hearing comments like; “I’m giving it everything I’ve got!” when I’m off the bike, working the room. I asked for their Best Effort and they are delivering. The only thing left is handing out their ribbons So what makes for a great Best Effort track? My personal belief is that it needs sound very powerful when played LOUD and has a building intro to give riders a chance 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 339 Understanding the floors and ceilings of training with power

Long climbs have you bumping up against your power ceiling.

I prefer to limit the mathematical computations many Instructors typically ask of their classes. For example you’d never hear me say; “now I want everyone at 85% of their FTP” or… “this next interval is 30 seconds in Zone 5B which is 103 to 106% of your LT/AT heart rate followed by 2 minutes in Zone 3 = 90%-93%”… everybody got that? Then let’s GO!!! I’ll admit that part of 

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Performance Cycle – FTP Assessment or 2 + 1 = a straight line


Better late than never they say. It certainly applies to this season’s Performance Cycle classes – now we’re in full swing after some initial confusion that came from a sudden change on GFDH’s. We kicked off this past Sunday with an assessment to find the wattage numbers we will be using going forward. I like to use very simple terminology that minimises any mathematical computations. The week before I described how 

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Is non-invasive blood O2 and lactate sensing the future of Heart Rate Training?

noninvasive blood lactate testing for runners and cyclists

Hey how hard should I be working to; get faster, lose weight, build endurance, ect… Answering that is the age old dilemma many of us face when questioned by our riders. We try to be helpful by offering subjective descriptions of what both thresholds should feel like. We give breathing cues, run special FTP classes and/or include Best Effort intervals into our class. They’re all designed to help our participants 

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Performance Cycle – Pinning Down Two Numbers Class Profile


I hate math, especially when I’m forced to do quick calculations in my head. Figuring (forgive the pun) that many other people dislike math, I won’t ask anyone to do any calculations in my classes. For example, I would never cue something to the effect of; now I need everyone at 85% of AT for one minute… and then we’ll push up to 95% for the final 30 seconds! Against 

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ICI Podcast 337 – Full Psycle/PRO Performance IQ Training Feb 14th in Chicago

Full Psycle PRO PIQ Training

I’m super excited to announce that ICI/PRO is teaming up with the owners of Full Psycle Indoor Cycling; Paul Harmeling & Shelly Scott. We are hosting our first Full Psycle/PRO Performance IQ Training on February 14th at the Full Psycle Studio in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, IL. 1/20 update: There’s just two open seats remaining. Click here to register for the 2/14 Chicago workshop $295.00 I’ve taken over a 

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How would your riders respond to this saddle?

Shark Bike Saddle with a fin

I was perusing a cycling website when I came across an article about this innovative ESSAX Shark bicycle saddle: Essax is a brand of bicycle saddles located in the province of Alicante (Spain). Our company has over 25 years experience in the manufacturing of technical products in polyurethane foam and leather, which assures our knowledge and experience. Above all, we are cyclists who manufacture for cyclist, which means that we 

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