Are you riding one of the new Indoor Cycles with Power?
ICI/PRO Instructors teaching on the Keiser M3, FreeMotion S11.9, Stages SC3, ICG-7, or StarTrac Spinner Blade Ion will find all the information for effectively training with power + dozens of fun and effective class Profiles below.

It’s a Power of 3 Free-For-All Profile


  It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun AND training with a purpose.  We’ve just completed the third week of our “The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile” for August.  Now it’s time to do something crazy!  Let’s pick a 60 minute mixes from one of the previous weeks, doesn’t matter which one.  Let’s warmup for 5 minutes, then ride at maximum sustainable 

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The Power of 3 (Video) – The Triple Crown


After 37 years of waiting we finally have another Triple Crown Winner.  I love horse racing, the beauty, the grace and the power of these animals is intoxicating.  Over the last 37 years there have been many horses that have won 2 of the 3 Triple Crown races, but they have no one has been able to pull off the trifecta.  The fact that so few horses have been able 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple, Let the Body Adapt and Progress (Week 2 Progression)


Last week I wrote about how my simplest sets and profiles are most often my most popular.  I have also found that if I simply progress profiles from week to week, usually in 3 week blocks, my classes enjoy the familiarity of the workout and see progressive improvement. To add progression to a block of workouts all you need to do is add time to each interval or reduce recovery 

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ICI Podcast 344 – ClassBuilder, Apple Music, Spotify and New On-Line Power Certification from Cycling Fusion

Cycling Fusion Power Training Certification

Gene Nacey from Cycling Fusion joins me to discuss a bunch of stuff including: Will ClassBuilder use the new Apple Music streaming service? Too soon to tell… Changes coming to ClassBuilder, now that Spotify has clamped down on premium (paid) iPhone Apps. Upcoming Android version of ClassBuilder Their new Level 3 Power Training Certification How can you become a Cycling Fusion Master Instructor and offer live Instructor trainings in your 

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Rethinking Heart-Rate Training?


The computer industry has an acronym: G.I.G.O which stands for: GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT It refers to the idea that if your input data/information is inaccurate (GARBAGE IN), then any computations, using that inaccurate data/information can’t be anything other than GARBAGE OUT. Over the years I’ve come to believe that you should carefully consider G.I.G.O as it could apply to the Heart Rate & Power training you offer in 

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The Power of 3 Simple Sets and the Science of Anchoring Time and Effort (Week 1 Progression)


The more I teach the more I find that the simplest profiles are the most popular.  I often put together simple profiles and I’m always worried that my participants are going to be bored, but the longer the intervals and the more I repeat each set the more they love it. This gives participants more and more opportunities to understand the set and perfect how they perform it.  When you 

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Bring Heart Rate Training Into A School Near You

heart zones smart hearts school pe monitors

  While most of us are focused on adult fitness, Sally Edwards and her Heart Zones company are doing some pretty amazing stuff with middle and high school aged children – using display training technology to motivate kids and get them active   I love seeing active kids who are enjoying fun activities…  they’re our future Instructors and participants! Use this contact form to request more information. Thinking many of 

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Learn to demonstrate cycling style and efficiency with this video from Sufferfest

Smooth Indoor Cycling Pedal Technique

Did anyone teach you how to pedal correctly? I was lucky to have a mentor when I first started riding outdoors. My friend Eddy not only gently coached me on the finer points of cycling style as we rode together, he demonstrated an impeccable pedaling form. He was so smooth and powerful, that I desperately wanted to emulate how Eddy looked on his bicycle. So over hundreds of miles I 

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The making of a Stages Power Meter

Cameron explaining all the cool features of the Stages SC3 to cyclist Randy Erwin

I had the privilege of visiting the Stages Cycling HQ and factory in Boulder Colorado with my buddy Randy Erwin. Director of Indoor Cycling education Cameron Chinatti, along with Stages vice president Pat Warner, were our tour guides. We spent a fascinating couple of hours learning exactly what goes into building the Stages single side crank arm power meter used on the new Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle and available for most 

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Prescriptive Exercise – Your Doctor writing a prescription for YOU to attend indoor cycling classes

Prescriptive Exercise - Your Doctor writing a perscription for indoor cycling classes

A national policy of Prescriptive Exercise would be the holy grail* for small studio owners.  Imagine; A new client walks in with her doctor specified exercise regimen for you to “fill”, just like at a pharmacy. As an approved provider, you and your studio would provide the required exercise and then bill the clients insurance company… and not at your normal class rate – at a much higher rate in recognition 

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The Loud Ones – Class Work Set Profile using the Stages Sprint Shift

The Loud Ones ICIPRO Class Profile

Ride Name: The Loud Ones Work Set Length: 13:44 + 7:17 recovery [21 minutes] The Sprint Shift on the new Stages SC3 bike is your interval training solution. Left position for easy, Center position for medium, Right position for hard. Make micro-adjustments with the resistance knob during the interval. Could it be any easier? Now, I am a big believer in training with power, benchmarking your effort, and documenting your 

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