Prescriptive Exercise – Your Doctor writing a prescription for YOU to attend indoor cycling classes

Prescriptive Exercise - Your Doctor writing a perscription for indoor cycling classes

A national policy of Prescriptive Exercise would be the holy grail* for small studio owners.  Imagine; A new client walks in with her doctor specified exercise regimen for you to “fill”, just like at a pharmacy. As an approved provider, you and your studio would provide the required exercise and then bill the clients insurance company… and not at your normal class rate – at a much higher rate in recognition 

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The Loud Ones – Class Work Set Profile using the Stages Sprint Shift

The Loud Ones ICIPRO Class Profile

Ride Name: The Loud Ones Work Set Length: 13:44 + 7:17 recovery [21 minutes] The Sprint Shift on the new Stages SC3 bike is your interval training solution. Left position for easy, Center position for medium, Right position for hard. Make micro-adjustments with the resistance knob during the interval. Could it be any easier? Now, I am a big believer in training with power, benchmarking your effort, and documenting your 

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The Power of Harmony – 60 minutes of Harmonically Mixed Music

Trainer Road Pic

Over the past few weeks there have been some questions on the ICI/Pro website that gave me the idea for this week’s post. One question was about music flow and another was asked which comes first, playlist or profile? To show one way to make music flow I decided to put together a playlist of songs that are all in the same harmonic key, this is technique is called “Harmonic 

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Just relax and do what you normally do… Cycle Sculpt Profile #3


With 40°f and rain scheduled for this past Sunday, I agreed to sub the 9:00am Cycle Sculpt class at the Life Time Fitness where I have scheduled classes. This was my third chance to teach this LTF branded format that combines Indoor Cycling and Resistance training. You can read about my earlier experiences here and here – both links include my class profile and Spotify playlist. I was chatting with my friend 

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Is this the ultimate in wearable fitness technology?

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The Wahoo Fitness PLUGGR is the first ever Bluetooth 4.0 enabled suppository motion sensor. It can measure and track your heart rate, motion, body temperature, and digestive regularity. Features include: Health metrics sent directly to your smart phone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Measure digestive health by tracking the frequency, severity, and composition of bowel movements. No more dehydration or constipation! Vibration alerts and electrical stimulus for call, email, and text 

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We’re using Epic Planet’s “Tour of The West” Video This Week

Tour of the west Epic Planet Indoor Cycling DVD Video post

With the weather starting to break here in the frozen north, today [Sunday] is my last scheduled Performance class for the season. To celebrate our (hopeful) return to riding outdoors, I thought it would be fun to ride along with this new Indoor Cycling DVD from Epic Planet – Tour of The West. This 60/45 minute video is a compilation of five minute long segments, from past titles, that includes 

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ICI Podcast 341 – Follow Up On IHRSA With Cameron Chinatti With Stages Indoor Cycling

Cameron Chinatti Stages Indoor Cycling

Master Educator Cameron Chinatti with Stages Indoor Cycling joins me for a fun followup to their very successful IHRSA convention where they launched the new Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle. We’ve got a bunch of videos that relate to my interview, which you’ll find below. One of the highlights from the show was the amazing efforts of two cyclists, during their 60 sec challenge. First there was Junior Nationals competitor Dominic 

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Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Review – Part 1

Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Review

IHRSA 2015 was the first public appearance of the Stages Cycling SC3 Indoor Cycle. This was a total surprise to me and I have no idea how Stages Master Educator Dennis Mellon was able to keep his mouth shut for so long. We talk weekly and it must have been killing him not to be able to tell me about their latest project Going forward, I feel it’s important to 

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If this Turbine made you stronger/faster… would you stick it up your nose?

Turbine Sports Breathing Nose Nasal Opener

I connect with the ‘gear heads’ in my classes by reminding them how our bodies convert a carbon based fuel source (food) into the energy that powers a bicycle. Which is very similar to how the engine in your car creates the power that propels you down the highway, using another carbon based fuel source > gasoline or diesel. I wrote a pair of posts about the many similarities between 

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Nope, you’re making exactly the same power standing – as you are seated


“Why do I make less power (fewer watts) standing, then when I’m seated, John?” A great question from one of the riders in yesterday’s Performance Cycle class. An observation that shows he’s paying attention + it gives me the chance to clear this up, so you can properly explain this anomaly to your participants. The short answer is you don’t* If resistance and cadence remains the same, in or out of 

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