I’m going to miss Jeff Wimmer

Jeff Wimmer

There is no way we can comprehend the tragedy of Jeff Wimmer’s death, and it’s left us searching for answers that might be difficult to ever find. In these darkest hours, the pain touches us all in the indoor cycling community, and I mourn this loss as if it were my own.

Jeff was the silent force behind the success of my studio in south Georgia. With a high jobless rate in this indigent community, Jeff donated many bikes over the years without question or expectation of anything in return. The white NXT’s that fill our studio, given out of generosity and love, are a tribute to his memory. The legacy of his warmth, tenderness and talent will endure forever.

Barbara Hoots


John’s Note: Jeff Wimmer and his company StudioCycles was a fixture in Indoor Cycling pretty much from the very beginning. I remember him telling me how Johnny G used to purchase bicycle parts from Jeff, all the stuff that Johnny used to build the first prototypes of the Johnny G Spinner.

Jeff brought an incredible amount of passion and professionalism to Indoor Cycle maintenance and the refurbishing of used cycles.

I had the privilege of interviewing Jeff back in 2009. If you haven’t heard Jeff before or would like to learn some of the early history of the Spinning program, it maybe fun for you to hear this.

Barbara Hoots wasn’t the only person Jeff has helped. You can listen to Studio owner Michael Stadvec describe how Jeff’s contribution of bikes made his event; The Tour de Pier a success, in this interview from last spring. I’m going to guess that Barbara and Michael weren’t the only two people Jeff has helped over the years.

ICI Podcast 258 Tour de Pier Indoor Cycling Event in Manhattan Beach CA May 19 2013

Jeff was famous for his YouTube promotional videos that he shot himself – here’s a great example.

God’s Speed Jeff. You’ll be missed by many.


A dynamic, highly-specialized indoor cycling studio designer, Barbara creates innovative environments that lead to increased membership and profitability. With over 100 successful programs worldwide, mundane studios are transformed into cycling emporiums where students can train to their full potential.

Skilled at interpreting the needs of each client, a variety of consulting services can be tailored to meet your vision, budget and timeline.Whether spicing up a corporate franchise or launching an upscale boutique, Barbara and her team of experts will ensure your studio is the most popular ride in town.

Unlike traditional architects or interior designers, Barbara directs a successful
60-bike program and combines over a decade of teaching experience with cutting-edge design skills to create safe, versatile studios that accommodate a variety of ride styles.With an eye for details and cost-saving opportunities, her consulting services more than pay for themselves.

As a columnist and presenter for REX Roundtables for Executives, World Spinning and Sports Conference, MindBody, Club Industry Magazine, Mad Dogg Athletics and Indoor Cycle Instructor Pro, Barbara is regarded as a trusted leader in the industry.In addition to studio design, she offers class building workshops, grand opening rides and special event fundraisers.

Clients include:

■ Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, Fort Collins, CO
■ Gold’s Gym, Atlanta, GA
■ Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN
■ Grit Cycle, Costa Mesa, CA
■ Mad Dogg Athletics, Venice Beach, CA
■ KOR180, Austin, TX
■ U.S. Army, El Paso, TX
■ Body Boutique, Lawrence, KS
■ Velo Vite, Montreal
■ Pedal Studio, UK
■ Paul Venning Fitness, UK
■ BodyCycle, Philadelphia, PA
■ Surge Cycling, St. Louis Park, MN
■ Half Moon Resort, Jamaica
■ U.S. President Jimmy Carter
■ Special Olympics, Vermont and Georgia
■ Cancer Coalition of Georgia

Contact Information

Email: Barbara@indoorcycledesign.com
Web: www.indoorcycledesign.com
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  1. martin rogers says

    9 months ago, Jeff got me back into spinning. he didn’t know me and i didn’t personally know him, but i fell for his corny you tube videos and bought a bike from Studio Cycles. I’m so glad i bought my bike from him. It came and was tuned as promised. He called me to make sure every thing was ok and answered any questions I had about maintenance and tuning. I’ve ridden it faithfully ever since. Jeff’s enthusiasm, attitude and passion was so infectious. I will miss him. May the wind always be at your back buddy.

  2. cjdonohoe says

    So sorry to hear of Jeff’s death. I didn’t know him but found his videos and bought a bike from him. He spent time on the phone with me and sent me a great unit. I want another and sent him a message and wondered why I’d not heard from him and I saw some bad reviews on Yelp and I was surprised because the guy was a top notch service professional. Anyone have any idea if someone (his team?) is operating his business? I’d like to buy another bike and I’d prefer to buy from Studio Cycle as perhaps the business would assist his family in the wake of his passing.

  3. mcordova says

    Just today I saw one of Jeff Wimmer’s videos on youtube for the first time. I’m new to spinning and found his video in my research to compare which bike would be the best to buy for home use. I can tell that losing Jeff is a tremendous loss to the biking community. If he did die of a drug overdoes, that is very sad for him and his family. It means Jeff was dealing with a lot in his life. Also, such substances are very, very difficult to deal with and overcome. My heart and prayers go out to his family. I hope that his family will be able to continue his legacy through his business. Does any one have information on whether his estate is selling/auctioning off the bikes?

  4. mcordova says

    I found Jeff Wimmer’s obituary and his death was attributed to a motor vehicle/bike accident. No matter the reason, it is a tragic loss.

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