FreeMotion Indoor Cycling Bike with Power from Foundation Fitness

Free Motion Indoor Cycling Bike with power - watts

More evidence of Indoor Cycling 2.0

Gene Nacey tipped me off about this new Freemotion S11.0 Indoor Cycle
with power from a company called Foundation Fitness. What’s interesting about this Indoor Cycle is that it uses magnetic resistance (the best system in my opinion) and it’s wattage readings are based on measured power, through a strain gauge in the left crank. This may prove to be an improvement if it reduces or eliminates the need for frequent calibration. Why is this important? Because some question the accuracy and repeatability (consistency between one bike to the next) from a system based on calculated power; i.e. the Keiser M3 and the Schwinn AC performance.

Update: July 2011 – I am now teaching on the FreeMotion s11.9 and have a page dedicated to my review of this indoor cycle.

I did some research on them and they’re promoting this Freemotion S11.0 Indoor Cycle that includes a Power Sensor Console
I see that they are connected to a new Indoor Cycling Certification program called Stages Indoor Cycling. No info there yet, but they do have a place where you can signup for email notifications.

I’ll be digging in further and will report more soon. I find all of these new bikes with power to be simply fascinating. We all have a front row seat to watch Indoor Cycling 2.0 unfold and blossom right before our eyes 🙂

You can find more information about the FreeMotion s11.9 Indoor Cycle with power here.


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Holding certifications from; Schwinn, Heart Zones, Team ICG and Life Time Fitness, John's held regularly scheduled cycling classes between 1998 and 2015 when he moved to Florida.
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  1. says

    The bike looks cool. I’d love to examine the geometry more. Maybe it’s just my biased view, but Stages Indoor Cycling looks darn close to Stage5 Cycling. I’m sure it’s just me.

  2. Marsha says

    Another drawback to calculated power is that it doesn’t measure improved efficiency in pedal stroke, body position, etc. I’m an instructor who constantly urges students to improve their mechanics, so I’d love to be able to actually show the difference it makes rather than saying, “trust me.”

  3. camsjammin says

    Hey John,

    Thanks for spreading the word about the FreeMotion S11 series bikes! I’d love to share more information with you and your 2.0 audience regarding the technology (direct power measurement…woohoo!), Stages Indoor Cycling education and our emphasis on delivering measurable progress. Looking forward to further conversations!

    Cameron Chinatti
    Director of Education
    Foundation Fitness


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