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Whenever I solve a problem for myself I stop and think, “I wonder of other Indoor Cycling Instructors have this same problem”. So I make a video to show you what I’ve done. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you. Here is the link to the free online calculator.


Host of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast - the #1 Internet radio show for and about Spinning / Indoor Cycling Instructors and Cycling Studio owners.
John is a member on the AFS (Association of Fitness Studios) Advisory Council.
Holding certifications from; Schwinn, Heart Zones, Team ICG and Life Time Fitness, John's held regularly scheduled cycling classes between 1998 and 2015 when he moved to Florida.
When the weather permits, you'll find him riding and leading outdoor groups by himself or with his Tandem partner (wife) Amy.

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  1. Jennifer Sage says

    I love this! I can’t tell you how many times I added up my minutes, then added the seconds separately then divided them by 60 to get minutes to add to my original summation of minutes, then guess about the remaining seconds!

    I, like you, aren’t usually this picky about time, as you say “good enough is good enough” but occasionally there are profiles where you want to, or need to be, more exact. I rode one of those profiles this morning, my Loop de Loop ride, a long time favorite at WSSC and other conferences. I remember counting up seconds on that one to make the timing work perfectly!

    (BTW, I’m thinking of doing Loop de Loop as an audio profile sometime in April, so if you are on the fence about ICI, as John says, nows the time to consider it!)

    It never ceases to amaze me what you can find on the internet!

  2. says

    Thanks John. Not sure if this alternate solution is too simple, but here’s what I do for my classes:

    1. Create playlist in iTunes.
    2. Click on first song of ride.
    3. Press the SHIFT key on keyboard (and hold).
    4. Click on the last song of the ride.
    5. This will highlight/select all of the songs in the ride.
    6. Look at the bottom/footer section of iTunes, and it will tell you the number of songs and TOTAL TIME of the selected group of songs (e.g. 14 songs – 53.4 minutes).

    In the example you gave in the video, you could have selected different groups of songs (from beginning to mid-way) to see how close you were to having 10 minutes left in your class.

    I find this to be a little quicker and easier than having to hand-enter the time into a calculator (either online or hand-held). Especially if you are adding/subtracting tracks on the fly – just reselect the songs in your list and see the total time (in a matter of seconds).

    Thanks for the awesome blog!

    David Pierpoint
    Cycle Instructor – Oz Fitness

  3. says

    Here is why we call this a community! David I didn’t know that you could do this and yes, it is much faster and easier. Time for a new video. Where exactly is Oz Fitness

  4. Elaine Dernoga says

    I was just about to mention what David did above…iTunes has this option and it’s easy sneezy…use it all the time. 🙂

  5. David Pierpoint says

    Hi John – Oz Fitness is in Oregon (Eugene/Springfield). Is a small chain with 7 clubs. http://www.ozfitness.com

    Side Note: Is cool to see that you’re using Wishlist Member for the site. I use it for a couple of my non-cycle member sites. Small world!

  6. says

    Mixmeister my boy……mixmeister. This does it automatically. If you need to flex the time, changing the BPM, loops or transitions can do the trick.

    A word of caution, though. My regulars still curse the name of the ride when I accelerated 53 minutes of music into a 45 minute playlist…….Waaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa (evil laugh)

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