ICI/PRO’s Top 100 Indoor Cycling Songs

Top 100 Spinning and Indoor Cycling Songs

ICI/PRO’s Top 100 Songs

Want to punch up your playlist with some of the best music on the planet AND get the inside scoop on how to teach each empowering song? Thanks to a suggestion from ICI/PRO member Charles Farrow of Montgomery, Alabama, we’re going to collect 100 of the BEST songs ever recorded along with coaching tips from YOU – the most passionate instructors in the world!

Think for a moment…what is your favorite song – that little gem that creates explosive energy and reaffirms your commitment to indoor cycling? Now, here comes the good stuff….how do you TEACH that magical song to encourage your students and help them squeeze out every last drop of effort?

We need your help to create this golden list of inspiration. I’ll kick it off with my top five songs and the rest is up to you! Simply reply to this post – ONE SONG per COMMENT. C’mon, send us your best! (Duplicate songs are welcome as long as the teaching method is different.)

Update: Comments are closed on this post and Barbara has compiled the list for you. We ended up with 161 and they are available free to subscribers of our email newsletter.

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  1. says

    I’m all over this.
    My “Anthem” is Ted Nugent’s – Stranglehold. The version from Double Live Gonzo is 8:25 long. The perfect “H” level (74 rpm) climbing song. – It starts seated while everyone finds the cadence to match the song, then we add load until A: we can no longer maintain the cadence & a smooth pedal stroke or B: to maintain the cadence you are forced to stand…not to be confused with being able to stand…and then we work through the changes in intensity. Done properly it will have your students just over Threshold.
    When everyone starts singing; “sometimes you wanna get higher, sometimes you’ve gotta start low…” around the 6min mark you will know you have used it enough 🙂

    Update: If you want to display an Avatar Picture when you post, go sign up for a free Gravatar http://en.gravatar.com/

  2. Jennifer Sage says

    Picking ONE song is torture! But I’ll try…

    My go-to song for energizing the class and the profile is Peter Tha Zouk’s “Enchantments”. I’ve used it the past 6 years in my Moving Mountains session towards the end of a 2 hr seated climb (yes, seated). Without fail, it’s the most requested song after a WSSC session I’ve ever had (“Jennifer, what WAS that song? I MUST have it!”). In Moving Mountains I use it for the component of FLOW called “Loss of Self-Consciousness”, or what I translate as “Don’t Be Afraid to Feel Free”. The component is empowering, and the song mirrors the theme.

    This song, without fail, lights up the pedals. In Moving Mountains, I actually let them come out of the saddle for a saddle break and to ride the energy of the song for awhile (a little over a minute standing – but we must return to our goal of sitting the climb). I do this after the following lyrics (the few there are), which are amazing. These are at 7:35 into the song:

    Look now, the music is so intense, so full of joy.
    Go in, go deep, inside you.
    The beats, the sounds, the voices.
    Yourself, and the feelings
    Don’t be afraid to feel free.
    Don’t be afraid to feel free.

    On other profiles I may not sit the climb as long, I’ll stand up on various surges in energy of the song.

    There are several versions. My favorite is from the cd “One Year of Iberican Sound”, a Chus & Ceballos remix. That one is 9:46 min.

    Another mix, very similar but without the Iberican Sound, is from the cd “Addictive Beats 2”. It’s 9:12 min.

    Then there’s a shorter version of 4:05 from “Spiritual Underground Soul Region”, DJ Simon remix.

  3. Bill says

    I’m known and mostly disliked for my eclectic taste in music. While I don’t have a ‘signature’ song, per se, there is one that I’ve used several times to close out a ride with lots of energy: Abstrackt Keal Agram’s Jason Lyttle (M83 Remix). Abstrackt Keal Agram is a French electonic artist, as is M83. The 5:44 song builds tempo and volume about every minute, adding layer after layer of music. I use it for a climb that starts fairly slow, and then gets faster and faster and faster…culminating in a surge then a sprint. The energy kicks up at 1:15, 2:15, 3:19, 4:00, and 5:00 before culminating in a wicked guitar chord at 5:44. There are lyrics, but I have no idea what they say. It’s all about the music and the energy it produces.

    I’ve used Jennnifer’s suggestion in a profile as well. My 5 x 9 minute Hill profile (patent pending) finishes with the Chub & Ceballos remix. I use it for ‘their hill’ where I get off my bike, go to the back of the room and don’t say anything until it ends. Very powerful climb as the riders ‘go deep inside’ of themselves.

  4. Bill says

    Here’s another suggestion. I’m hoping that this is kind of like a radio call in contest and the 100th person to post gets to win something. How about a trip to Jamaica? Anyway, a song similar, yet completely different, to the one that I previously posted is Yann Tiersen’s Preparation for the Last TV Fake. It starts out with a Joplin like piano solo and then keeps adding instrument after instrument. As each one is added, cadence is increased, finishing in a near sprint at the 3:07 mark.

  5. Bill says

    The song that I love to use to crest a hill is Sufjan Stevens’ The Blackhawk War or How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning (seriously, that’s the entire title; you think that I could make it up?) It’s from Sufjan’s Illinoise CD. It’s starts with drums, then angelic singing, followed by flute, and finishes with the horns blowing triumphantly as we finish cresting the hill in 2:14.

    If I’m not the 100th poster, can I still win a prize for being the most frequent poster or the first to post who wasn’t on the ICI.com staff?

  6. Charles says

    My Favorite Climb

    Last Train To Lhasa by Banco de Gaia 11:13 minutes

    I like to climb to this song, mostly a “Seated Climb’. Sometimes I add train cars along the way (more resistance- a little twist is another car) and close to the end start dropping off cars (lighten up the resistance). Other times I do 30 second surges out of the saddle ( Standing Climb) to pass riders along the way. I even tell the riders that a real cyclist shouts “on your left” before he starts to pass. On my cue we all together shout “on your left”, come up in a “Standing Climb” and surge for 30 seconds. Then slide back in the saddle to a Seated Climb. I have declared that hills are less than 8 minutes and mountains are over 8 minutes. Thanks, Iona.

  7. Charles Farrow says

    Favorite flat ride:
    Brasileria by Veron & Praia del Sol 7:22 minutes
    Flat road, (seated flat) take off and feel the wind in your face! Sometimes alternating one minute seated flat and one minute standing flat until the end. Sometimes I double this song with MM.

  8. Charles Farrow says

    Favorite Jump song:
    Tu es foutu album- Rendez-vous by In-Grid (English version—You Promised me 3:42 minutes)
    I love doing lifts (jumps) to this song. Every time she says “You Promised Me” change body positions. If up, slide into the saddle; if down, come up out of the saddle. I also splice the 2 versions together (MixMeister) with the English first and let the riders try to figure out the French Version. Very fun song.

  9. Bill says

    I’ve had a chance to re-read Barbara’s excellent article, this time mostly sober, and realize that my previous comments may have been incorrect. I hope that it doesn’t blow my chance at the prize. With my eyes less bleary, the article asks for ‘the 100 best songs ever recorded’, not your favorite song for indoor cycling. Well, if I was to list any of the 100 best songs ever recorded, I’d have to include at least one by the best band in world, Radiohead. They may have 99 of 100 of the best songs ever recorded. I’m assuming that someone else made one that would fit into the top 100, but I can’t think of anyone. I’ll just choose 1 of the 99 best that may be suited to Indoor Cycling – The Gloaming (DJ Shadow remix). The driving synthesized beats make it great for a 4:30 flat road. What other song has a lyric taken from Goodfellas? Funny, how?

    I hope that my previous comments don’t spoil my eligibility for the trip. If they do, can I win the second prize – a bottle of Jamaican rum?

  10. says

    I LOVE “Just Be (Antillas Club Mix)” by DJ Tiesto. I’ve used this to finish up a Race Day and it’s gotten amazing results. I love to look out and see smiles at the end – smiles of satisfaction like “Holy crap – I just did that!”

    0:00 – 0:45 – I’ll take the first minute and ask them to tighten up their form. Pay attention to knees, feet and relaxed upper body. Find a smooth comfortable pace and fall into the zone.

    0:45 – 1:00 – We live in Pittsburgh, PA – land of the endless hills. Toward the end of the first minute, I ask them to close their eyes and visualize the most gnarly mountain in town that they’ve always wanted to climb…..it’s in front of them about 1/2 mile down the road, let’s gear up and get to it with a tick faster on our legs speed.

    1:00 – 2:36 – SF Fast ride – medium resistance riding to the “monster”. Effort is comfortable.

    2:36 – 4:02 – SC Start to bring a moderate hill under the wheel. You’ve rounded the corner and you’re starting up that mountain. Take a look up and notice on either side of you, the streets are lined with people who are cheering you through the final stretch of the race.

    4:02 – 4:58 – StC Resistance is getting tougher – might be time to take it out to StC and get on top of it and show everyone watching – this is YOUR mountain.

    4:59 – 5:55 – ROH It’s time to pull away and push your legs a little faster. Can you get in front of the competition and rule the race?

    5:55 – 7:20 – SC Now that you’re close to the front of the pack, you’re tired but you feel empowered. You know that this is YOUR mountain. You called it out of your mind at the beginning and nobody can take it away now.

    7:20 – 7:49 – StC As you grind closer to the top, the hill seems almost too much. Now’s the time to come out of the saddle and own it.

    7:49 – 8:46 ROH – This is it! Final stretch. You can see the finish line. All of those people who said you COULDN’T DO IT at the beginning are standing in awe and cheering you on – faster to the finish! Bring it and leave it here!

    8:46 – end – Cruise across the finish line. You made it to the summit and now you can pull back your resistance and keep those legs moving at a steady pace to congratulate yourself.

    I actually played this today…..ugh – I just LOVE IT!!

  11. Jennifer Sage says

    Bill, if you don’t win the prize for being the 100th poster or for posting the most songs (or most unique songs), we’ll have to invent a prize for you! 😉 Heck, maybe you should get a prize for being YOU and making everyone laugh all the time!

    Michelle, your description gives me chills! Feels like I am there and the beat is pulsing around me. I know that song, it has a lot of wonderful layers and build ups, climaxing at the summit just like you described.

    And I have to second Charle’s “Tu Es Foutu” by In-grid. I use it for a fast flat, but it has great rhythm for jumps too, and could be a concerted consistent climb (don’t you just love those songs with so many potential uses?!) I like the longer version, because “c’est si bon” (it’s so good).

  12. Charles Farrow says

    This is great. I used to travel to other gyms as a guest rider just to get new music ideas. Now all I have to do is refer to this feed and start hunting these songs from the BEST of the BEST. They are all great, keep it up. I even compiled a list of favorite songs from all the YMCA instructors in my city. I have already helped the economy by spending over $6.00 for the day.

  13. Sameer Patel says

    I’m a big fan of Silence (DJ TiëSto In Search Of Sunrise Remix) from Delerium with vocals Sarah McLachlan. I’ve used this song for a few years now and it never gets old. I usually use for my final climb (somewhere between 70-80rpm) but I’ve debated whether it would be better suited with a faster cadence. The few things I really like about this song:
    1. I’m a big Tiesto fan; this particular song has a wonderful beat.
    2. I love the vocals from Sarah McLachlan as well; she’s one of my favourite singers.
    3. Even if you simply follow beat, this song just works. My clients love this one because the beat is so easy to follow.
    4. If you find the right version, the song is just 11.5 minutes, so in a 60 minute class where I have 10 minutes to warm up and 10 minutes to cool down, that’s almost a quarter of the class.

  14. EuroD says

    I have to go with Killers “All These Things I’ve Done”. To me and my riders whenever I use this in a profile it just makes you get out the saddle and push to the summit. My guys sing along, and really work until they’re spent. I will use it as the last climb before we cooldown.

  15. Sarah says

    The song responsible for Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong Nike campaign is called “Maybe Tonight” by a little known band, Wide Awake. I found the song on the Nike site long ago when Lance had his Ipod songs listed. This is quite empowering as a seated/standing climb.

  16. Bill says

    Alright, Charles, Michelle, Sameer, and EuroD are starting to tick me off. I really, really want to win that trip and you won’t stop me. I’ll keep typing until I get blisters on my fingers if I have to.

    It appears that people are posting songs that are good for Indoor Cycling again, so hopefully my Radiohead post doesn’t disqualify me from the contest. It’s still great for riding on a flat road. Sameer’s suggestion is what I’d consider a standby of Indoor Cycling. Nothing wrong with that and something that everyone should have in their arsenal. Another standby that I use often is Safri Duo’s Rise. I exclusively use the instrumental version and don’t even like the one with lyrics. It makes for a great climb with switchbacks. Every time the temp picks up, riders are encouraged to add resistance and cadence, come out of the saddle, and push through the switchback. Classic.

    I hope this makes me eligible for the prize again. If not, maybe John needs an unpaid (and unfunny) comedy writer on the ICI.com staff.

  17. Bill says

    Here’s one that’s fun, fun, fun, and great for a 2:00 surge or long sprint. I don’t even care if this disqualifies me for the contest, since it’s probably rigged anyway. I never win anything and I’m sure as hell not going to win a made up contest (which I made up) for a free trip to Jamaica. I won’t even win the second prize, the bottle of Jamaican rum. I’ll probably get the booby prize, an empty bottle of Jamaican rum.

    But, I’ll still provide this input since I giggle every time I type the song’s title: Attack Of The 60 Ft Lesbian Octopus by Does It Offend You, Yeah? It makes riders work really hard for 2 minutes while they smile at the same time. Just what I like.

  18. Jennifer Sage says

    Bill, since we know you don’t drink I think you’d be very happy with the booby prize…

    Sarah, THANK YOU! You opened my eyes to a great group. I like Lance’s taste in indie music – he posts it often on Twitter, so as soon as you said that I searched on eMusic and they have several Wide Awake albums, including the one with Maybe Tonight. It’s called “Something We Can’t Let Go” and I listened to a couple of clips and ended up downloading the entire album right away. Lots of them are spinnable (Oh how Mad Dogg hated when we used the word “Spin” like that!) – mostly climbs. There’s another song on that album called “Gravity Won’t Win” which is a very uplifting motivational song, as well as a good theme for a climb.

    On that note, I’ll leave another of my favorite climbing songs of the Indie genre. It’s called “Sometime Around Midnight” by Airborne Toxic Event. After hearing it on my local radio station (I had to pull over my car to listen, it was that good!) I had to break down and buy it on iTunes. The skill of the artist blows me away. It’s very emotional both in lyrics and instruments – guy walks into a bar, sees the girl he is infatuated with, the room is spinning when she walks up to him, he fantasizes about her, then watches her leave with some other guy, his stomach is in knots, his friends can’t understand, so he goes out walking thinking of her, he just has to see her even if she’ll break him in two. But as this is all going going on, the instruments layer, building and building, matching the emotion of the lyrics.

    I blare this song in my car when I’m by myself. In a class, I use it as a very emotional climb – even used it at Can Fit Pro for my Strategies of Strength session. Like many of the favorite songs listed above, I like to use it as the culmination of a big climb. Songs with painful lyrics are empowering (perhaps because we can empathize with the singer)!

  19. diane says

    WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! I am always looking for good music. I seem to be drawn to the climb so the ones I want to share are climbing. Musica by Alma Matris I use for seated climb with 10 second standing climb attack. Mirage by Passenger 10 interval seated and standing climb and Sakarya by Banco de Gaia just a great instrumental hill. ENJOY!

  20. Katherine says

    “Go!” by Jupiter Rising
    first 4 minutes is a flat road, then hands to third and sprint up the hill with moderate-heavy gear.

    LOVE IT!

  21. Jodi says

    Ok now I know this one goes back pretty far-but when I first started teaching spin -way too many years ago in the mid 90’s- Reel Around the Sun from Riverdance was a fan favorite. Every once in a while I bring it back it it gets an amazing response from my class (and myself as well), so I have to put that down as one of my favorite classics!

  22. Barbara Hoots says

    Okay, I can’t stand this any longer!!! I thought of another favorite song – A truly powerful climb with a 45 second piano interlude for a teachable moment like none other – close your eyes and disappear from the real world…a time to regroup and empower both your mind and body…..Matrix Classical Techno Remix (from the movie) it’s an Engima remix. If you can’t find it, email me and I’ll send a copy to you – about 6 min.

  23. Charles Farrow says

    Love Generation (Ron Carroll Remix) by Bob Sinclar 7:45 minutes
    I use this song as a warm up song. Sometime I jump up on my “soap box” and give a little motivational speech on “Feel The Love”. I use this song to map our ride for the day, even demonstrating most of the moves that we will do during the ride. “Spread The Love” people and send in those songs.

  24. says

    1) Satisfaction, Rolling Stones (live version from Flashpoint album)

    2) Love you til the End, Pogues

    3) Listen to the Music, Doobie Brothers (DJ Malibu Mix)

    4) This Must be the Place, Talking Heads

    5) Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad, Grateful Dead (from Ladies and Gentlemen, the Grateful Dead)

  25. Holly says

    Oh….I love this climb…soooo sexy!!! I add a few JUMPS on a HILL to break it up…then continue the climb to the top of the mother of all mountains!
    U2 – Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Extended Club Mix)

  26. Margie says

    Michelle thanks for the inspiration…I am a rider who leaves up in the mountains of colorado. Looking for something to get me through the winter…any good spinning dvd’s out there?

  27. Margie says

    When I am riding in Moab I always listen to Soul Shine by the Allman Brothers….nothing like it!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Marsha says

    Second the above, Magnificent by U2. Would use it in every class if I could. I do lots of long, fast-paced seated climbs with resistance increases, cadence surges, and the occasional standing surge. Magnificent is the reward, the last song of the climb. I tell my class they have achieved something magnificent and they should feel it. They always finish smiling.

  29. Anonymous says

    Margie – I’ve heard that there is a former Spinning MI who also lives in the mountains of Colorado. You may want to seek out Jennifer Sage as I’m sure that she’s better live than the best Spinning DVD you can buy. And, if you think that your post correcting ‘leaves’ with ‘lives’ puts you ahead of me for the trip to Jamaica, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m so confident that I’ll win the contest that I’ve already packed my bags.

    Just in case I need more comments to help my chances of winning, I was inspired by Jennifer’s and Sarah’s inputs on Indie music. I’m to King of Indie, the oldest person to attend the Pitchfork Music Fest and Lollapalooza. My love for indie music is probably another reason that my music isn’t widely loved by my riders who may prefer the more accessible music played by my peers. Anyway, the hottest act in indie music today is Phoenix. Their latest release was probably the best CD of 2009. It’s solid pop rock, but not all of it works for Indoor Cycling. I’ve used 1901 for a flat road recovery and will probably use Countdown for the same, just because I love the songs. Love Like a Sunset, Part 1 and Part 2 is very well suited to Indoor Cycling. It’s mostly instrumental, so it works well for warm up, as I’ve used it so I don’t have to compete with the lyrics. It has several tempo changes, which are suitable for surges. And, it culminates with a stong steady beat over lyrics, which works for a climb. It’s an incredibly versatile song.

    What time does the flight to Kingston leave, mon?

  30. Bill says

    Hey, I’m not Anonymous. I’m Bill, the person in the lead for the trip to Jamaica. Was my post changed to Anonymous to hurt my chances of winning? I guess I’ll have to make some more suggestions then.

  31. Jennifer Sage says

    Margie, where are you in the mountains of Colorado? I’m in Eagle now (as of 6 weeks), but was in Edwards for 8 years – I still consider myself a Vail Valley resident! Come by and ride with me anytime (although for the moment 6 am is my only current time slot in Edwards.)

    Bill, I thought you posted as Anonymous on purpose to try to increase your chances of winning – you know, dual personalities. I know I shouldn’t be eligible for any prize – perceived or real, but I’m always up for a good competition, just for the sake of competition. So, I might as well give another song. This one is worth double points it’s so good…

    My absolute hands-down favorite flat road introspective feel-good joyful rhythmic chill-inducing song of all time (how ’bout them adjectives?) is One Perfect Sunrise by Orbital, from the Blue Album. It’s even brought tears to my eyes at the end of a great ride. It’s available on eMusic – so for you eMusic members, don’t wait, download it RIGHT NOW if you don’t already have it. You will NOT regret it.

    I just put it on now as I write this and already feel the chills coming on! Makes me want to run downstairs and get on my bike. I’m sure I’ll hit repeat at least twice.

    Two years ago at WSSC, I used it at the end of Moving Mountains, and afterwards, a fellow MI had tears in her eyes and gave me a hug. She said that she had recently lost her mother to cancer and that was her mother’s favorite song – she thanked me for playing it. Ever since then I cannot hear this song without smiling and thinking of the joy it must have brought her.

  32. Anita Schwertfeger says

    A great song for a flat road is “Radar love” by Golden Earring. I used this song for a race day where you are on the home stretch, only a few hundred meters and you can win the race, but there are other riders who want the same as you. They try to get ahead of you and you have to surge not to let them pass you by. You can go with the flow of the music, it’s perfect for spinning! Either seated all the time or standing to get ahead…you can play with the resistance knob…

    Jennifer, you mentioned two of my favourite songs! “Sometime around midnight” is such a beautiful and emotional song to make one cry only by listening to it.

  33. Mary says

    Evanescence – Hello – Gabriel & Dresden Trifactor Remix: Hands downn, the all time best trance song. Seated flat…but it’s a false flat! Slow the pedal speed and add gear midway through the song (listen, you’ll know when)then move to standing climb.

  34. Anonymous says

    I love dramatic music so I will have to mention 2 of my favorite inspiring songs- songs I would do anything, give everything for because they speak to my legs and heart as I ride! Navras by Juno Reactor, and Pursuit by Cirque du Soliel!


  35. Charles Farrow says

    Jade, you’ll also like Wardogs by Juno Reactor and one of my favorites is Thunder Across the Plains by Airo. These type songs are very easy to put together with MixMeister and make a mountain of a song that will take your breath. John has made it very easy to understand MM. Try it you’ll like it.

  36. Linky Dink says

    Hey John,
    Is there a way to make a “rolling list” of the songs suggested so far so we don’t risk repeating what’s been suggested so far? Maybe in the right column of the page here? What do you think? Guys?

  37. Linky Dink says

    Oh! Also (off topic–I apologize) is there a way to give us a choice to have an “avatar” that goes in the place of the Head on the Shoulders outline avatar guy that we all have? 🙂

  38. Janet says

    Last Chance by Shooting Star. Yes, an oldie, but a good one. I like to build a seated climb for 4 minutes, do some fast pedaling, then bring it out of the saddle for a final strong standing climb.

  39. Thomas says

    I like to use progressive house to begin my class and then transition in deeper, more intense songs that demand concentration once students have settled into class and their minds are engaged. I trim the beginning and end using MP3 Surgeon – great online download if you something ultra simple edit your mp3’s.

    1. Talk – Coldplay – Dave Aude Remix
    2. Break My Fall – BT/Tiesto remix

  40. Anonymous says

    Amazing seated flat! Linkin Park vs Robert Miles – Children Divide Gauffe Mashup. You can Google this to download or find on You Tube. The mix is from The Transformer movie. If you want to convert a YOUTUBE video to MP3 song, go to:
    http://www.vid2mp3.com and paste the browser location of the You Tube video in the box at vid2mp3…press download and presto! You get the song without the video!

  41. says

    Hi Guys,

    My old time favourite is a nice flat, excellent to start a class. It’s setting the mood and all the emotion what we need for a really cool endurance ride…

    Conjure One- Pilgrimage

  42. Laurel Schaefer says

    Zocalo (Featuring Gabriel & Dresden): Armin van Buuren & Gabriel & Dresden
    For finishing a class! Make it your last song; the road home. I like it for a serious flat road…

  43. Laurel Schaefer says

    Dangerous Power (Cicada Full Vocal Mix): Gabriel & Dresden. Again, a serious flat road or the finishing climb. I feel like it’s a good way to finish the magic:)

  44. Reggie says

    The song that pumps my class like none other is Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love – Dirty Funker Remix. All of the Dirty Funker remixes of old classics are excellent!

  45. Chris says

    I agree with Linky Dink…it would be great to have just a running list of the songs along with the description of the drill that goes with it that can be printed out. I’ve been trying to write down the songs to use for future reference but it’s hard to also write out the drill. This list, btw, has been a great idea. I’ve gotten some awesome music ideas from this alone! Thanks!

  46. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe it. I came here because someone on another Indoor Cycling site said that there was a contest going on, with the winner getting a trip to Jamaica. I should have known better. The guy who posted it is full of it and full of himself. He thinks that he’s a professional comedian, the greatest Indoor Cycling profile creator in the world, and an elite marathon runner. I think he’s a doofus.

    Well, after looking at everyone’s suggestions, I’m glad that the doofus sent me over here. There are some really good suggestions that I’ll definitely use. Plus, I’ll make a contribution: an oldie but goodie for a strong steady hill. Moby’s Signs of Love from the 18 CD is 4:28 of great climbing. The lyrics pull you up the hill – I’ll fly so high and fall so low. Riders feel like they’re floating to the top of a steep mountain. I’ve found a 6:00 instrumental version as well, but I prefer the original with words.

    I’m going to go back on the forum where that knucklehead said this was a trip to Jamaica and expose him for what he really is. Plus, I’ll let everyone else know that there isn’t a contest but there is some great music here. If I do that, would anyone be willing to send me to Jamaica?

  47. Tony says

    This is a great idea and I’m furiously looking for many of your suggestions. I haven’t seen many songs used for sprints. While I seldomly sprint, when I do I want music that has a high BPM and is ready to explode. On Fire by Astrix, an Israeli trance artist, does the trick for me.


  48. Simply Sam says

    Hi –
    How about Royksopp’s Triumphant for a seated climb? Its 4:00 of steady climbing. By the end of it, you feel like you triumphed over the hill.

  49. H.L. says

    My guys just love Zero 7 – Destiny for a slow climb. Have any of you heard their new song, Ghost Symbol? It’s completely different than any previous Zero 7 songs that I’ve heard and really, really good. I haven’t used it yet in a profile, but if I did, I’ll probably use it for a false flat.

  50. Terri says

    Despina Vandi vs Underdog Project – Gia Jam (guerra bootleg). It has a tribal house feel, almost like you’re on the dance floor of an Athens nightclub. Good for a fast flat.


  51. Anonymous says

    Ganapati (Eastern Sun Remix) by Donna De Lory is good for a cool down or a reflective climb.

  52. Amy says

    “Spritus Khayyam” by Globus is a brilliant over the top, epic song that works great for the end of a long strong hill climb. I usually save it for the very last “working” song of a tough profile, typically working in a hard seated climb and bringing it out of the saddle for the last :30 as the song builds. Never fails that for some reason the class breaks out in applause when we finish with it. Interestingly I’ve also used it for a break and chase where we are working hard and trying to catch someone over a 5:00 false flat. It’s definitely a song that can be used in various ways.

  53. Barbara says

    Sprints! Tony, here are my favorite SPRINT songs for both sprints on the flats and sprints on the hill. The chorus of each song lends itself to a definitive sprint!
    Blur – Song 2 Remix (flat)
    I Will Follow – U2 (flat)
    Garbage – Push It (hill)
    Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion – David Thoener Remix

  54. Jennifer Sage says

    another version of Gia? I will have to search for that one – I LOVE the original Gia by Despina Vandi (from Buddha Bar).

    I don’t sprint often at all, but if I were to do them, I’d do it to Bad Reputation by Joan Jett.

    Do a search on Indra, and you’ll find some very fast, high energy trance songs good for sprinting – faster than a lot of the typical trance even. (Look up the album Global Music)

    And I’d add Children of the Night by Juno Reactor – definitely segments you could sprint to.

    And believe it or not, some of the fast guitar by the Stray Cats would lend themselves to some fun sprinting. Kind of a “Hot Rod” flavor on Runaway Boys Retrospective album.

  55. Colette says

    My favorite WARM UP song is Beautiful Morning [Fluke’s Multi Practic Mix]. Since it’s an uplifting instrumental with a great steady beat, you won’t compete with vocals as you explain your ride. If you teach a morning class, this song is outstanding….the only words are “It’s a Beautiful Morning….”

  56. SpinGolly says

    Safri Duo- Sweet Freedom (feat. Michael McDonald). This version demands a non-PC “pedal stomping” technique. With the first beat, resistance is moderate, rear-end out of the saddle, as one runs with resistance to gain momentum. As breathing intensifies, the knob ratches to heavy, the hands slide to HP 3 for three minutes of sucking air up a step narrow hill.

  57. Katherine Howard says

    Restless – Evil Nine Remix (Fast and Furious Soundtrack 3 – Tokyo Drift) The song has a nice intro to explain the JUMP technique and then explodes into a break beat tempo. We jump “together” to a count of 8 for about one minute to ensure good form, then back to the saddle to take a quick recovery as the music gets quiet. During that time I explain that the next set of jumps you’re on your own…your pace, your tempo, keeping focus only on smooth transitions in and out of the saddle. This song allows “beginners” the opportunity to understand a jump and mature riders to take off and jump to their own pace and power. The lyrics are inspiring – “Jump Til You’re Breathless!!!”

  58. Barbara Hoots says




  59. Sarah (again!) says

    Purify (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Edit) by Balligomingo. There is an album called The Purify Remixes, and contains several, but I prefer this one. I use it for a moderate climb – amazing female voice and steady, pounding bass with nice builds and layers.

  60. Joe in MN says

    My two favorites are:

    Bob Marley’s “Get up, Stand up”. 6 pedal stroke jumps out of the saddle every time Bob Marley sings Get up, Stand up. One of the many lyric response songs my classes like. Just a fun reggae song everybody loves.

    Santana’s “Toussaint l’Overture” from his live Sacred Fire album. Great fast pace high energy 7 minute time trial song. Carlo’s guitar and the percussion creates the fast road you’re on!

    Paralyzer (Finger Eleven) and Let’s Get It Started (Black Eyed Peas) are strong runner ups.

  61. Linky Dink says

    Barbara thanks for volunteering to do that!

    OK here are some more from me (and THANKS TO ALL for such great recommendations):

    Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
    Anthem by Ron Hardiman
    Running Away (Stereo’s MC Remix) by
    Come On by Andy Hunter

  62. Bill says

    Ok, I’m back from being away from the computer for a few days. They don’t allow computers where I was staying but the rooms are all very nice, with extra padding on the walls. I’m so glad that no one won the trip to Jamaica. I hope that I’m still eligible but my Doctor advised me not to travel for a while, maybe a few years.

    Anyway, I had my MP3 player on shuffle today and it came up with a song that I used to love for Indoor Cycling: LCD Soundsystem’s All My Friends. LCD Soundystem is kind of a combination of dance, rock, disco, pop, and electronic music all rolled up into one. The song starts out kind of slow and then builds and builds. James Murphy, who is LCD Soundsystem, does a magnificant job of increasing the BPM and level of the sound over the entire 7:30. It can start out as a moderate climb and end in a sprint. As I posted much earlier, my ecletic tastes aren’t always appreciated by my riders. But, I had several of them ask for the name of this song after I used it so they could download it themselves.

  63. Anne Barbour says

    COOL DOWN SONGS are just as important as the tracks used for the ride itself. To create an uplifting, celebratory tone after the ride, I love the smooth mellow mixes created by DJ Zebra in Paris: Sterepohonics vs Lenny Kravitz, or Radiohead vs Robert Palmer. His productions are free and legal – can be found at: djzebra.free.fr Simply click the POW/KABOOM entrance, click Productions on the left toolbar, and right click to obtain any song in red. He is a popular nightly DJ and quality is exceptional. My students often tell me they’ll complete the ride just to hear the cool down music!

  64. Jennifer Sage says

    Anne, you are so right. The cool down song is the culmination of the ride and quite important as well. Can’t wait to download yuor suggestions!

    My favorite cool down song (so much so I have to limit how much I use it so I – and my students – don’t tire of it) is Too Far, by Nacho Sotomayor. It puts me in such a good mood!

    EDIT: While listening to Nacho Sotomayor as I was writing this, I also rediscovered another great cool down by him – Trip to Happiness, on the After Hours Ibiza Chill Out cd.

  65. says

    “Black Betty” By Spiderbait
    “F**kin Awsome” by Spiderbait
    “The Rockafeller Skank” by Fatboy Slim

    Once you listen to them, you’ll get hooked.

  66. says

    I totally second Jennifer’s “One Perfect Sunrise” by Orbital. About a minute into it when the drums start – it just gives me that overwhelming feeling of how much I love what you do.

  67. pascal hannecart says

    The best song for what … I will put my best profile play list in place: Ride of remembrance, I did the Journey of remembrance this year at wssc, I have picked at the end a few tracks, and have made my own one; it is a SEZ Hills repeat all in introspection, no techno, no rock, no unusefull lyrics, … a style not for everyone an for the cuing no cuing is really necessery the music do everything for you.

    Arcana Remembrance
    God is an astronaut First day of sun
    Yoko Shimomurq Cavern of remembrance
    Nacho Sotomayor Remember you
    OST Transformer Bumblebee
    OST transformer Tunnel
    God is an astronaut Tempus horizon
    OST TRansformer Arrival to earth
    God is an astronaut Twilight
    OST transformer Optimus vs megatron
    Alter Bridge In loving memory
    OST transformer Heed our warning
    Within temptation The thruth beneth the rose
    Arcana Sigh of relief
    Within temptation Our farewell
    Arcana In remembrance
    Pearl jam Just breathe

  68. Bill says

    According to Jennifer’s recent post on her next teleseminar, Cycling Specificity, John is in Jamaica. My guess is that Barbara is in Jamaica also. So,they took the prize being offered for this contest and used it themselves. I will be advising the authorities about this potential fraud. While they are investigating, I encourage people to keep posting great Indoor Cycling music. If we can’t win this fraudulent contest, at least we can get some great music out of it.

  69. Richard Messer says

    What a great idea Thanks Barbra.

    Last song before cool down. “Proud Mary by Tina Turner”(5:06). The first part is slow and is a recovery from my last song. I like to split the room into two groups and at the 2:20 mark group 1 goes all out for 30 Sec. Then start group for 30. It has become a signature song for me and I end a lot of classes with this song. Everyone groans because it is a butt kicker, but they love every minute of it.

    This blog is great I have put several songs into use this week.

  70. Barbara Hoots says

    Greetings from Jamaica!!!! I’m at Half Moon Resort (ultimate paradise!) and just spent an hour with John and Amy Macgowan as we watched the sun set over a beautiful turquoise sea. We’re completely amazed at the quality of music and instruction you’ve posted! Thanks so much for the great songs and keep ’em coming! Your maturity, intellect and passion is contagious. Master list of songs coming soon…no problem, mon!

  71. Barry Thompson says

    Try Rob Thomas’ “This Is How a Heart Breaks” for 25-30 seconds all out, anerobic sprinting. The music builds, then you bust losse with the effort. A nice little recovery section follows. Then you get to do it again…..and again.

    Be sure to give your students something to recover to afterwards if you taken them anerobic.


  72. says

    One of my favorite songs is Flaming June from BT. It’s good for a climb though lately I’ve been using it for endurance too. What I like of the song is that it’s instrumental and gives a chance to concentrate and follow the rhythm. Hopefully I can post a couple of more songs later.

    Also make sure to check for the extended remix of that song. I remember using it for a Race Day profile.

  73. Shelley says

    Drown In the Now (feat. Matisyahu) by The Crystal Method is a great song for “jumps” – or as close to jumps as I get. Leading up to the start of this track I have them on a flat with a little headwind for about 2minutes then as the song starts add enough resitstance so that you can match (or close to it) the track’s tempo, come up for standing climb for 1′ then sit back down, keeping the resistance and keeping the cadence. Hold it for 1’30” then back up for another minute, then back down again for 1’30” Ouch.

    the lyrics give some good coaching cues “breathe in wont you drown in the now” = remember to breathe. feel your legs working hard.

    I take the track in to MixMeister and speed it up a bit to about 120bpm (for a 60rpm climb)

  74. Shelley says

    For a long seated flat I like “Out of Body Experience” by Rabbit in the Moon (off the comp. Northern Exposure – one of my all time favs!)

    Good song to focus on relaxing and making nice smooth revolutions. The track has many layers of rhythm so it’s a good one for long flats. I tell my group to listen to the music and find the layer that calls to them. Relax in to it, save all your energy for your legs, make it smooth and breathe.

    There’s a little “ouch” sound in the track and every now and then I’ll use the song for a long, slow seated climb and echo the “ouch.” That usually gets a smile and gives the group something to anticipate – other than the ending of the 5 minute seated climb that is : )

  75. LE says

    As we approaching the “WALL” (quote Jennifer Sage), these 3 powerful songs would get them to the top:
    Tikal, Nineveh, Menouthis by E.S.Posthumus in Unearthed.

    To cross the finish line: Viva (Orion mix) by Bond.

  76. LE says

    One more from E.S. Posthumus:
    UNSTOPPABLE is unbelievable powerful song!

    They all are under 4min but useful to reach Mont Ventoux with the last push.

  77. Bill says

    Aha. I knew it. Barbara and John are both in Jamaica. They took the prize for the contest and used it for themselves. Well, enjoy your vacation because it may be the last one that you’ll ever take. I have informed the authorities who will be waiting to arrest you on fraud charges when you return to the States.
    Barbara, thanks for the offer to compile the list of songs. You’ll have plenty of time to do that from your jail cell. Here’s one more to add to the list: Dark and Long (which probably describes what your days will be like in prison) by Underworld. I use it for a fast flat. I really like to stick it into a Criterium profile. Midway through the song, the music lowers a bit and crowd noise can be heard. I tell my riders that the crowds are cheering for them as they complete another loop of the course.

  78. Jose Been says


    I am not an instructor but when I play this on my i-pod while riding my bike, I always go faster

  79. Jose Been says

    And Ojos Asi by Shakira

    My instructor played this on a higher pitch and it was absolutely amazing!!

  80. says

    This is a great idea! can’t wait to hear some of these songs.
    One of my favorites right now for surging intervals/High intensity training-

    Tetsujin from the Matrix Revolutions Soundtrack- it’s so intense (and I wish it was longer!)

    One of my other favorites-
    Incantation from the Quidam Cirque de Soleil CD

  81. Jennifer Sage says

    Thanks Jose – we “let” non-instructors play this game too! 😉 Anyone who loves to ride a bike to music is welcome.

    I’m hoping this goes beyond “only” 100. I’ve gotten some great suggestions.

    I hauled Dark & Long out of the attic and am listening to it now – Thanks! I’ll use it tomorrow in class! It’s been a long time – I always used it for an extended consistent flat or steady climb. (That group should also get an award for the silliest album name – Dubnobasswithmyheadman).

    Sometimes we get stuck on one way of using a song, this list has been great because it’s helping me repurpose some of my longtime songs, as well as rediscover ones I haven’t used in a long time.

    While on the Underworld subject, try the Oakenfold version of Born Slippy. Some good breaks to indicate terrain changes (finishing on a slow climb).

    I also like Underworld’s 8-Ball (The Beach Soundtrack) for a moderate consistent climb. Not a powerful climb, just somewhere in the middle of a very long climb, where you really focus inward on your pedaling and breathing, totally into the moment.

    Le, I LOVE all your Posthumus suggestions. They are so powerful!

  82. Julie says

    Favourite cool down song…
    Rob Thomas, Little Wonders.
    I let the class know that I’m not going to talk anymore and that they should just focus on the words of the song…

    let it go,
    let it roll right off your shoulder
    don’t you know
    the hardest part is over
    let it in,
    let your clarity define you
    in the end
    we will only just remember how it feels

  83. Charles Farrow says

    Two of my favorite groups are E-Type and Da Buzz. E-Type has songs like “Africa” and “Far Up in the Air”. Da Buzz has songs like “Alive” and “Paradise”. I usually us MM and loop the songs over a time or two to make them longer. If you haven’t used the Mixmeister Academy yet, it has some great tips. It is a tool that can help take your music from good to “Great”.

  84. Tracey Vondra says

    Great Hill song….Temple of Love by Sisters of Mercy. 8 minutes long with at least six “bursts” for accelerations or coming out of the saddle…..nice recovery in the middle if needed.

  85. Charles Farrow says

    While working on a new class I came across Pride by Syntax. I am using it as a 6:17 minute seated climb. Sometime I loop it with MM and make it a 11:00 minute mountain.

  86. Jennifer Sage says

    Ah Charles, I LOVE that song!

    This morning I did a ride I call “Energia Magica”. It is one long climb up the Col de la Forclaz in France (a “category 1” climb in the Tour de France, with 10-15% grade segments – ouch). The profile talks about taking the energy from your surroundings and environment, such as the trees and the rocks and the road on a long climb, to help you get to the top. This is what I call the “magical energy”. Every climb has a different feel, a different personality that is reflected in the different kinds of trees, the rocks, the way the road twists and turns, or if it is dead straight, and the views you see. You as the instructor provide that personality and energy via your musical selections.
    [Note, this will soon become an audio PROfile for members, and I’ll expand on that in far greater detail. It’s a really cool profile, one of my new favorite rides).

    Energia Magica is a song by S.U.N. Project, from the Macrophage album (available on eMusic), as well as the compilation CD Global Psychedelic Trance Vol 4. The song has a mysterious, magical feeling, one you can be surrounded with as you climb. The song “lends” you it’s energy, just as the trees and the rocks do as you ride by.

    Another song I use in this profile is Aeternal by Clint Mansell (Paul Oakenfold remix), from the Requiem for a Dream EP. This is the steepest, hardest part of the climb, the “sufferfest”. It’s slow, it represents your greatest challenge, and you can feel that in the rhythm of the song. In fact, you can feel pain in the song. Every cyclist knows that pain goes hand in hand with long steep climbs. When you accept that, it makes the climb easier to deal with. The difference between one rider and the next? All else being equal, it’s their ability to deal with the pain. This song, like no other in my iTunes library, reveals that quality about the athlete.

    Don’t miss this audio PROfile coming soon!

    EDIT: I just reread this and I don’t want anyone to miss it because it’s waaaay down her in the comments section, so I’m going to make that its own post. The ride was that cool, and I’d love to ride it with you some day!

  87. Charlotte says

    Galvanized by Ford (3:53)

    I love to use this at the end of a long climb. It is a powerful song.

    I have my students get back in the saddle one last time. Resistance is tough! When the song slows down…then they can get back out of the saddle into 3rd position for a short break….when the song picks up again they give me one last turn and I tell them to push it!

    The lyrics are awesome! A great song to end a class with!

  88. Christine says

    Not sure if it’s too late to add anything, but here goes….

    For jumps, I love to use Move Your Body by Eiffel 65

    Also for jumps, Suavemente by Elvis Crespo (although I think there are a lot of versions of this song out there by many different artists)

    And for some high energy speedwork, Ecuador by Sash

    These songs always get my class members going – they love it!


  89. Molly says

    I love to use I don’t feel like dancin’ by the Scissor Sisters. Super fun and upbeat and makes for killer jumps!

  90. Barbara Hoots says

    Sadly, all good things must come to an end.
    Thanks to everyone who submitted your favorite song along with great coaching tips! This post will officially CLOSE on Friday, November 13 but a complete listing of ALL SONGS will be available at ICI/PRO under the Music tab. Although we’ve officially hit 100 songs, there is still time to squeeze in a few more!! Hurry…the clock is ticking!

  91. Sarah tooth says

    Tiesto’s adagio for strings is a corker. I use this as my last sprint before cool down I break it into 3 paces starting with a medium pace for the slow build intro & doubling into a pace 2 sprint when the base kicks in. Repeat twice as above then chuck in a big surprise when the track reaches it’s pinnacle with a pace 3 double sprint for 1 min, they love it, just don’t tell them about the 3rd pace until later in the track.

  92. Catharine the Great says

    Psyche Rock by Pierre Henry the Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix
    I just love it, it sounds like a western/futuristic showdown. It was pointed out to me its also TV show Futurama’s theme-I got it from the Mean Girls film.
    I do lifts and lowers (jumps) and some sprints/faster flats in between sets. I always have them come out of the saddle with moderate incline or more and punch up.
    For flow it seems to pair well with Pistolero’s (Hang ‘Em High Fluke mix) by Juno Reactor.

  93. Catharine the Great says

    Ok one more…there are sooo many
    On the futuristic theme Purple Haze by The Cure I have used it for imagery flats/active recovery (biking through the barren Salt flats in the hot sun) but it sounds more like a seated or standing climb really.

  94. says

    Two of my favorite party songs are “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)”by Quad City DJ’s and the “Bacardi Mojito Song” by (not sure). Cathy from Rochester mentioned “Party on a Bike” songs the other night. Sure hope she has the list to post before this thing ends Friday.

  95. kszspin says

    Lately my favorite climbing song is Climbatize by The Prodigy. No matter how I feel it revs me up and I just “find my legs” to do more!
    The song builds for a good 2 minutes, then kicks it. Then quiets down at the 4:15 mark (the quiet before the storm) for about a minute with those eerie instruments, then lets loose until then end. It begs you to give more!

  96. Charles Farrow says

    Completely on the other side from the Cycling Techno Music is an early 70’s song by Rare Earth called “Get Ready”(the 21:32 minute version). You can climb,jump, sprint on a hill or anything else you want to do somewhere in this song. You just need to do some song mapping and have a plan layed out before you start.

  97. Jennifer Sage says

    Kelly, I used Climbatize on one of my Audio PROfiles recently. I LOVE that song and do it exactly like you do. I love songs that provide such an “aural” description of the road.

    Here’s another favorite:
    Sanctuary by Origene. I love the lyrics (there’s only a few). I have multiple versions of the song (available on eMusic). The Intertia Blue Remix is my favorite, so versatile either as a great flat or climb. As a climb, lock into the 65-ish rpm. As a flat, ignore the downbeat but use the rhythm – I find I pedal around 90-ish rpm.

    Don’t you love songs that are so versatile?

    REcently I had my iPod on shuffle and it played The Traveller Remix which I hadn’t used before – I decided to use it the next day. This one I think is probably better only as a climb.

    Then there is the Harry Lemon Mix. It’s 11:15 long, you can easily get lost (in a good way) in it. It has more rhythm breaks, good for changes in terrain.

    The Lyrics:

    There is a place,
    within all of us,
    It is sacred, so free of judgment.
    This is yours, to share with whom you wish
    This is your

  98. Kristi Jean says

    New instructor here so thanks for all the ideas! So far my favorite two songs are Climbatize by Prodigy which has been mentioned before, and Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. Both climbing songs, I do Prodigy the way it was mentioned before and Nugent’s song with a strong seated climb that finishes out of the saddle.

  99. Barbara Hoots says

    We’re winding it up – make your final posts tonight…Friday! Thanks to everyone for submitting such amazing music! I think we should make this a yearly project – maybe in 2010 we can go for 200 songs!

  100. Jennifer Sage says

    Ah, long songs. The reason I like really long songs (aside from just liking the song itself) is that when it’s over, after you’ve transported yourself into the music and into the moment, a long time has transpired! A couple of these long ones linked together and your entire hour is done with before you know it! So I’ll finish my contribution with a couple of my favorite long ones (Last Train to Lhasa has already been listed, but I heartily second that one).

    Innocente (Deep Dish Gladiator Remix), Delerium feat Leigh Nash 11:53. Great climbing rhythm. (this mix is much better than all the others I’ve heard)

    Stella (Nalin & Kane Mix), Dave Ralph 13:34 This is another one I think can be great for a flat road or a climb. I love the electronic riff that you hear through most of the song. It begins in earnest at 2:00 into it, then you latch onto it and ride it through the rest of the song. I’ll even sit the entire time (though I don’t expect my students to)

    Strange Shades of Light, Midnight society ft. Alan T. 10:09. Another riveting concerted climb.

    Le Ciel est Triste, Emou. I use this on my Alpe d’Huez climb, when the weather gets bad and it starts to rain, its misty, the rider begins to have doubts about making it to the top. The song has a sad feel (Le Ciel est Triste means “The sky is sad”) yet there’s a consistent though slow beat. A definite introspective song.

    Totally on the other end of the spectrum, here’s a 90’s group with some relatively unknown songs amongst their couple of hits. The song Giant by The The is a fantastic climb, and clocks in at 9:35.

    How about a modern alternative group. I Will Possess You by Death Cab for Cutie. A “short” one at 8:37. When I played this (another slow climb) my students all loved it (it gets good air time on our local radio station that plays a lot of alternative and indie music).

    That’s it for my suggestions! Happy Friday the 13th!

  101. Barbara Hoots says

    Saving the BEST for last? I just discovered a GREAT song and had to share it with you!
    U2 Vertigo – Redanka Remix.

    And for those of you loving Climbatize, check out the insane remix by Chris Lake. You can find it on 4shared.com It adds some depth to the song and kicks it up a bit with sound effects.

    For Jumps? Can’t get better than Sean Paul vs Mats (Get Busy Mat’s Tribal Remix)
    Establish the tempo until 1:41, then out of the saddle for jumps – your pace, your tempo….great tribal beat! There are very few words…heavy drum beat great for jumping!

  102. Murray Buck says

    He’s a Pirate ( Ship Ahoy Tribal Remix). Chrus Jost and Klauss Badelt

    Did a class from music around the world,,,,thisis my favorite for uphill aggressive run.

  103. Shay says

    “I Wish” by infected mushroom(Dj Skazi remix)-great song for climb.
    “becoming insane”-infected mushroom
    “i’m in Miami beach”-David Gueta
    “smack my bitch up”-Prodigy
    “out of space”-prodigy,Dj Skazi version
    “hit and run”-Dj skazi
    “revolution”-Dj Skazi
    and the best one for my opinion
    “deeply disturb”-infected mushroom
    enjoy-i use them in my classes and people are getting crazy

  104. Denise says

    Hi All,
    really enjoyed reading all the posts. Here are some of my favorites that I use:

    Dark Beat by Oscar G and Ralph Falcon,I use it in a sitting, standing and running.
    sitting with flat resistance, standing with medium and running with medium heavy to heavy resistance.
    Beats and drums by Shaylor-sitting and standing increases.
    Hello! by scooter, a great song to do standing jogs and 8 count jumps
    Stomp by DJ Alligator-seated, standing and running
    Jump by movement, great fast beat to do 4 sets of 4 count jumps
    James Asher’s Amma is fantastic. a great way to end a ride. 1 set of sitting standing and running. sitting with light resistance, standing with medium to medium heavy and running towards the end with heavy resistance.
    Enjoy! 🙂

  105. Syaufu says

    You Sexy Thing…by Hot Chocolate
    Sailing… by Rod Stewart

    Can’t wait to check out all the suggestion!

  106. Chuck says

    You have got to be the whitest group of people on the planet. This is some Aryan Nation shit. Get a little diversity. Done with this cultish crap. Bye.

  107. says

    Chuck – Aryan Nation $hit??!! Sorry, I’m laughing so hard I almost choked on my wine!
    I am amazed at the diversity in this list – basically it runs across all genres. Add this to our Top 210 songs of 2010 and basically you’ve covered everything.

    And what would YOU suggest?

  108. dadavies4369 says

    My absolute FAVORITE song to end a class with is “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. I could seriously play it every single class.

    The first 1:45…all uphill. Keep telling your riders that “your hill just….got…bigger.” Listen to the music…and you’ll know when to cue. Right before the music speeds up…get on a flat road. Listen as the music gets faster…and add speed to your legs. When you hear “Carry on…” start your sprint. After the chorus…get back to a fast paced speed…then repeat the process.

    After the second chorus…it’s time to revisit the hill. Pop it out of the saddle when the music gets a little slower…and crank up the resistance. You’re here for a good 30-45 seconds so make the most of it…and make this your biggest hill yet.

    Flatten out again when the music speeds up…and let your legs fly into your best sprint yet. This time, when the music slows down, you tell your riders to continue with their sprint until the finish line.

    EVERY time I play this…by the time we’re done…all I hear around the room is “Holy S…”


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