ICI Podcast 12 Bike O Vision DVDs for your Indoor Cycling Class

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I have never been a fan of bike racing videos in my Indoor Cycling classes. Too distracting. It’s very much like watching a NASCAR race, you feel compelled to watch, waiting for the inevitable crash or some other drama. The creative team of Liz & Jan Hunter, the co-creators of the Bike-O-Vision DVD series, sent me a copy of their latest video to try out in my Spinning class. I liked it and so did the participants. My wife Amy (the senior group fitness instructor in my family) also liked them. Instead of creating a distraction, the pretty scenery you would see while riding these roads on your bike, added a nice atmosphere to the room. Jan and I discuss how they are made and his plans for more videos in the future.

More here from their web site Bike-O-Vision.com

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Host of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast - the #1 Internet radio show for and about Spinning / Indoor Cycling Instructors and Cycling Studio owners.
John is a member on the AFS (Association of Fitness Studios) Advisory Council.
Holding certifications from; Schwinn, Heart Zones, Team ICG and Life Time Fitness, John's held regularly scheduled cycling classes between 1998 and 2015 when he moved to Florida.
When the weather permits, you'll find him riding and leading outdoor groups by himself or with his Tandem partner (wife) Amy.

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    Hi there, Love the site and the great spinning insight you guys provide. These DVDs look pretty interesting, and I think I’ll have a look. Thought you might like to check out my site at http://www.thesufferfest.com…I’ve been reviewing different spinning podcasts (although workout ones, not like the ones you’re doing), and have also created a couple of video podcast spin workouts. Would love to know what you think of them! You can see them at the site or at sufferfest.blip.tv (or subscribe in iTunes). Cheers, David

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