ICI Podcast 126 JoyRide Indoor Cycling Studio Owner Lorie Bickford From Salem Oregon

What would it be like to open your own Indoor Cycling Studio? Spinning Indoor Cycling Studio JoyRide Cycling in Salem Oregon

I thought you may be interested to know, so I asked Lorie Bickford to tell us about the process of creating (along with her husband Jeff) JoyRide Indoor Cycling Studio in Salem Oregon. We discuss her initial vision, how she found space, how she decided on Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycles, working with her new neighbors and how she is promoting her new business to the local Salem community. Bill Pryor and I have been helping Lorie and Jeff with business planning and online marketing of her Indoor Cycling Studio.

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Host of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast - the #1 Internet radio show for and about Spinning / Indoor Cycling Instructors and Cycling Studio owners.
John is a member on the AFS (Association of Fitness Studios) Advisory Council.
Holding certifications from; Schwinn, Heart Zones, Team ICG and Life Time Fitness, John's held regularly scheduled cycling classes between 1998 and 2015 when he moved to Florida.
When the weather permits, you'll find him riding and leading outdoor groups by himself or with his Tandem partner (wife) Amy.

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  1. Brian says

    Congratualtions Lorie, I’m a bit far away to drop in but I wish you every success. It’s a dream of mine to open a studio some day so hearing of your experinces was really informative.

    All the best!

  2. says

    And Brian, when you open your studio, I want to be the one to come out and do some instructor training and master classes there! And then you can take me out to ride the green Irish hills on your new bike! (Did you buy a bike?)

    Lorie, the same goes for you! Well, maybe not the riding in the green Irish hills…but you know what I mean! 😉

  3. Lorie says

    Thanks so much, we are so excited as we just opened for two weeks of “test rides” before our “official opening” on Dec. 1st.

    You are welcome ANYTIME! It would be such an honor to have you do some instructor training and master classes, I’ve learned so much from you and John, without which I wouldn’t be doing this.

    We look forward to your visit!! Drop us a line before you are ready to head down and we can arrange to give you tour. Of course we’d also love to have you come take a class. They’re free until the end of this month, just go to the website and sign up!!

  4. Brian says

    Will do Jennifer… the studio idea is on hold to see if the Irish economy is about to collapse or not… crazy times over here right now! You’re always welcome here, would love to host a visit by you anytime.

    The bike will be a holiday gift for myself, so just working on funds at the moment 🙂
    Catch up soon I hope, Brian 🙂

  5. says

    I’ve got a friend in Eugene who has given up looking for a good class. She says she’d do anything to find a class that has anything to do with real cycling! So she’s grudgingly just going to ride in her basement on her trainer. Too bad she’s not closer to you. I’ll contact you to see if I can work out a visit to Oregon. If I can get a few clubs in Portland to host me as well, I can make the trip worthwhile.

    Brian, I hear about Ireland’s woes every day on our public radio here. I’m crossing my fingers they find a way to avoid the worst. Your bike purchase will be your little part to help the economy, eh!

  6. Lorie says

    Jennifer, please tell your friend from Eugene that we’d love to have her anytime!! Maybe she can take a trip down on a Saturday! Would love to have her in one of our classes.

    As for you coming here, we will do whatever we can to have you here!! Will talk with Schwinn Master Trainer John Ohnstad and a couple of other folks who I am sure who be very excited to get you out to our “neck of the woods” We are constantly looking to improve our classes and who better than you to come help us do that? You’ve defintely got a place to stay in Salem!!

  7. Jan Lochridge says

    I went to Lorie’s open house last weekend. The space is great and she has amazing energy! Like many others on this forum, I’d love to open my own studio and Lorie was very gracious and generous about sharing her wisdom. She has great passion for her work, so I know her studio will be a big success! And I’m sooooo envious!

    I’m also one of the Portland folks who would love to have Jennifer come out here! Jennifer – let us know what it would take!

  8. says

    I will Jan. Do you know any clubs that might host a workshop and or master classes? If I can line up a few, I’ll be out there as soon as possible!

    Angie, we need to interview you as well about your club. I’ve been watching your progress on FB and it’s been exciting!

  9. says

    I have a studio in its 6th year in the Boston area, and I also had the pleasure of working with both Angie and Lorie as they took their ideas from idea to reality…..it’s hard work but when it “takes”, the business is an absolute joy. Best of luck to both of you!

  10. angela cupp says

    Yes Bill you are right….it is hard work but its going to be so worth it. You have to think/work all the time to make it a success as I am finding out. But that is ok, I am not a stranger to hard work and for me its even harder since I live a small town.



  11. says

    Way to go! Congratulations to all of you who are new owners/AKA ICI/PROs to some great (!!!) studios to fulfill your passion! Wishing the best of luck to all of you.

  12. Melissa Spredemann says

    Lorie I have also been following the progress of your studio on FB. You seem to have really grown in the last few months! I am in the process of working with Bill as well on opening Velocity in WI. We should be up and running some trial classes in August and a grand opening after Labor Day. I have been taking notes on what has made you successful! thanks! Melissa

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