Using Spotify in your Indoor Cycling Class

Spotify for spinning indoor cycling class playlists
ICI/PRO is specifically designed for the Instructor who wants to teach a sound, entertaining class - but who doesn't have a whole lot of extra time.
Is that anyone you know?
We love the premium version of Spotify here at ICI/PRO. It is hands-down the quickest and easiest method we've found to deliver a great music playlist to your next Indoor Cycling class, using your smart phone. Once you are set up with Spotify you can easily transfer complete playlists to your iPhone or Droid device with just a few clicks. It literally takes just seconds from your busy day, leaving you with more time for your family and friends.
Is Spotify perfect? No. There are gaps between each song and the total playlist time displayed isn't exact. If you absolutely need a seamless playlist then you are probably willing to invest the time to learn and use something like MixMeister express. Now the answer is Yes! The new version of Spotify now includes a cross-fade function. Still not MixMeister... but close considering you have ZERO time invested.
First time Spotify users take note:
You don't want to use Spotify as a replacement for iTunes!!!! At no time will iPhone/iPod Touch users transfer music using the cord that connects your iPhone to your computer... even though Spotify shows an option to use a cord to connect - don't use it. Spotify will only transfer music using your wireless network.
Spotify does offer a free version to stream music to your Mac or PC computer, but it's not suitable for delivering music to your class. Only the premium version ($9.95 a month) gives you the option to transfer music to your device and play without commercials every 20 minutes.
Like any new software, it's perfectly normal to have questions about how to use Spotify... we're here to help 🙂
Here are links to a number of resources that will help you understand how to use Spotify.  Note: some are for ICI/PRO Members only.
We are also offering LIVE Spotify and iTunes training sessions beginning in December.

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