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ICI Podcast 238 Meet Nerd Fitness Creator Steve Kamb

ICI Podcast 238 Meet Nerd Fitness Creator Steve Kamb

If you watched the free screening of the documentary; I'm Fine, Thanks, you met Steve Kamb. Steve's journey really spoke to me. He went from thinking; my dad's in sales, my mom's in sales, so I should go into sales... to I hate sales. I'm going to...

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Instructor Tech Help

Instructor Training

Make Recovery Work

Make Recovery Work

Yeah, sort of a play on words, but hopefully this article will help you use your recovery times more effectively.  I”™m going to write a separate article on proper recovery and what is appropriate considering the constraints of indoor cycling.  But...

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ICI/PRO Featured Instructor of the Month

Cameron Chinatti Stages Indoor Cycling

Cameron Chinatti

Master Instructor with STAGES Indoor Cycling / FreeMotion Fitness

Cameron is the Director of Education for Foundation Fitness and Lead Developer of Stages Indoor Cycling. Concurrently, she serves as CEO of Sounds Fit Solutions Inc; a company dedicated to fitness and audio systems education. She is a Premier Consultant for Sunshine Fitness Resources and an international presenter/lecturer, Cameron has had the opportunity to educate on numerous topics ranging from indoor cycling to fitness career development. Her recent publishing credits include work for Foundation Fitness, Wexer.com and multiple contributions to the IDEA Fitness Journal and IDEA Fitness Manager. A background in Opera Performance and Vocal Pedagogy has led Cameron to create a specialty...

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