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ICI/PRO Podcast #144 – Coach Kenji Freedman Full Interview

Because we always want to save the best for our ICI/PRO members, here is the full version of my interview with Coach Kenji Freedman. Kenji wears many hats; USA Elite Level Cycling Coach, Master Trainer at Boston Sports Clubs and Master Cycling Coach with Stage 5 Cycling / Cycling Fusion. Here’s the link to friend Kenji on FaceBook Originally posted 2011-03-12 17:31:34.

ICI/PRO Podcast #191 – Selling endurance to your class

As you and your class transition into February 2017, it’s often beneficial to begin adding some additional time in the saddle. Longer classes should (and often need to) be at a lower intensity. So while a longer, endurance focused class has value, getting members to accept longer, steady state classes can be a challenge. This week we’ll be focused on the concept of “selling endurance” to your class participants. Master 

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