Simple and Progress Profile for June #2 – Pyramid Sets


Two Recordings of Me teaching this profile on the Stages SC3 IC Bike June 14th, 2016 Class Recording.   June 17th,2016 Class Recording   65 minute “Play it and Forget it” harmonically mixed music set that was used for the June 14th,2016 recording.  This mix was featured in a previous post.  You can check it out by clicking here.   If you have not downloaded the VismoX 

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Play it and Forget it! 65 min of Harmonically Mixed Music May 21st 2016


Attached to this post is an eclectic 65 minute harmonically mixed music set. All you need to do is “Play It and Forget It.” I have also provided an iTunes playlist so you can listen to each song individually.   Premium Members, follow the link below to download this new mix for FREE!!!!!

The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile (July 2015 Week 2)


Below you’ll find Week 2 of July’s Keep it Simple and Progress indoor cycling profile. In order to keep it simple and progress I have kept the same series of intervals as last week but reduced the rest to just 45 seconds.  Due to the reduced rest there’s extra time, so I added three 30 second maximum effort intervals at the end of the workout. Workout Basics: 5 minute warmup 3 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile (July 2015 Week 1)


Last month I started this “Keep it Simple and Progress” profile post.  In my classes this has been a huge success!  Many riders have excitedly shared with me their wattage and/or resistance improvements.  It’s so rewarding to see and hear how we, as instructors, are changing lives through health and fitness everyday. I’ve been using this 3 week progressive training technique, with great success, for many years as a coach, 

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The Power of 3 – Three Song Harmonically Mixed Music Sets, Let’s Go Country!


I’m not embarrassed to say that I like country music.  Country is a genre that many indoor cycling instructor avoid, but I embrace it.  I get more complements about playing country music than any other genre.  Country music IS popular and has a HUGE following.  I live in Denver and a few weeks ago U2 was playing the Pepsi Center, a 20,000 seat venue and Luke Bryan was playing Mile 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress, Reduce the Rest (Week 3 Progression)


Here is the 3rd post of my new “The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress” profile feature on ICI/Pro.  My goal with these profiles is to show how easy it can be to create just one profile every 3 weeks and with some subtle changes in riding position, RPM, interval and recovery duration as well as a new playlist each week theses workouts will “feel” different but 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple, Let the Body Adapt and Progress (Week 2 Progression)


Last week I wrote about how my simplest sets and profiles are most often my most popular.  I have also found that if I simply progress profiles from week to week, usually in 3 week blocks, my classes enjoy the familiarity of the workout and see progressive improvement. To add progression to a block of workouts all you need to do is add time to each interval or reduce recovery 

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The Power of 3 Simple Sets and the Science of Anchoring Time and Effort (Week 1 Progression)


The more I teach the more I find that the simplest profiles are the most popular.  I often put together simple profiles and I’m always worried that my participants are going to be bored, but the longer the intervals and the more I repeat each set the more they love it. This gives participants more and more opportunities to understand the set and perfect how they perform it.  When you 

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The Power of Harmony – 60 minutes of Harmonically Mixed Music

Less is More

Over the past few weeks there have been some questions on the ICI/Pro website that gave me the idea for this week’s post. One question was about music flow and another was asked which comes first, playlist or profile? To show one way to make music flow I decided to put together a playlist of songs that are all in the same harmonic key, this is technique is called “Harmonic 

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My Profile for the – ICI/Pro DJ Scott Melker Music Playlist Contest

ICI:PRO DJ Scott Melker Music Playlist Contest

  As many of you know I’ve worn many hats in the fitness industry,  I’ve been an Assistant General Manager, Operations Manager, Fitness Director, Triathlon Coach, Master Swim Team Coach, Master Educator, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise and Indoor Cycling Instructor.  Throughout my almost 25 years in this customer service industry I have heard many member comments, complaints and compliments.  Through these years I have grown a thick skin but the 

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The Power of 3 – Three Song Harmonically Mixed Indoor Cycling Set – “Find the Flow”


  Before I was an ICI/Pro Contributor, or Master Educator, before I spent every weekend coaching whatever sport my kids were playing at the time, back in what feels like a different life I was and Ironman triathlete.  I spent close to 10 years in pursuit of that coveted Hawaiian Ironman spot, only to see my competition get faster and that spot get farther and farther away.  I may not 

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