Falling in Love with the Golden Zone – Zoning Video Profile featuring Tia Kilpatrick

Zoning Indoor Cycling Video Profile featuring Tia Kilpatrick

I love the simplicity of the Zoning Heart Rate program. Three zones (Easy-Blue/Moderate-Yellow/Hard-Red) that are created using two thresholds; T1 Aerobic Threshold & T2 Anaerobic Threshold – AKA: AT or LT. Simple to communicate and easy for anyone to understand – perfect IMO for our Indoor Cycling classes. We’ve discussed Zoning multiple times here at ICI/PRO. Here are some links where you can learn more about Zoning and how this three 

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The other 23 Hours a Day

Basis Fitness Watch Band

How often have you wondered what your daily caloric burn REALLY is rather than estimates from metabolic tests or formulas? What about resting heart rate? Sleep patterns? Body temperature and perspiration? How about steps you take a day? These are all indicators of the work your body is doing or not doing if you’re asleep. Well enter BASIS. Recently acquired by Intel, their website calls it, The Most Advanced Health Tracker. And I tend to 

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Media Alert – Sally Edwards and Zoning Blink Heart Rate Monitor on QVC

Zoning Heart rate monitor on QVC

This email I got from Sally Edwards is exciting! This is just a quick note because some of you asked about this….but my company ZONING Fitness was selected by QVC home shopping network appearance in Philadelphia as a hot new item…they booked me today and I’ll be appearing in 48 hours live from Philadelphia. The appearance is this Thursday, March 6th at 7:00 am (or latter) eastern standard time live from Philadelphia. Here’s a chance to get 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 292 – Teach Your First Cycle & Strength Class Audio PROfile

Instructor and Zoning Specialist Kay Mamo joins me to discuss her version of a Cycle & Strength class and then provides the profile and music suggestions that you can use to teach you own class of this format. In case you missed it, I subbed a “Cycle – Sculpt” class a few weeks ago and posted about it here. I also posted it on my Facebook page where Kay quickly 

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Recently John posted another excellent piece related to the power of three.  He concluded with ICI/PRO’s own version of three-zone power training.  I applauded him in the comment section thanking him for getting back to basics. As a primary facilitator of ZONING (a two threshold three zone heart rate training system) with Sally Edwards I couldn’t agree more with John’s support and suggestion that our club athletes don’t need more. 

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What’s the best number of Heart Rate and/or Power Zones in our classes?

Three Power/Watts Zones for Indoor Cycling Classes

If your objective is to communicate (sell) the value of either Training With Heart Rate – or – Training With Power, teaching your class using Three Zones will be the most easily understood, accepted and remembered… here’s why. The Rule of Three It’s no accident that throughout history – thousands of years in fact – three (3) is the magic number in many, memorable fairy tales, myths and marketing campaigns. 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 277 – Just The Ride I Needed Audio Class Profile

Spinning® Instructor and Zoning Specialist Kay Mamo presents our latest class profile; Just The Ride I Needed. I’m a personal trainer (ISSA) and group exercise instructor.  I’m certified to teach more than a half dozen indoor cycling methodologies as well as certified to teach Heart Zones® and the new 3-zone system, ZONING ™  fitness, created by Sally Edwards. I’ve found that introducing my riders to ZONING and offering the use of 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 276 – Successfully sell your new class or programming idea to management!

Kay Mamo Zoning Specialist

If you’re anything like me, good ideas are easy to come by – especially when it comes to “ideas” about how to improve my class, changes (desperately) needed at our studio and new formats / programming we should be introducing as new classes. But unfortunately many of those fabulous ideas of mine are never realized… and it’s typically my fault. Why? Because I hadn’t invested the effort to really think 

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Conference Information

Not an ICI/PRO conference but maybe the next best thing. Heart Zones and Cycling Fusion have teamed up to create TrainDifferent – what I believe is the very first fitness conference / workshop that offers you three different ways you can attend. CONFERENCE CENTER LIVE: From Oakmont, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at our Cycling Fusion Training Center, this will be the live conference that will be web-broadcast to the Official Host Sites as well 

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Zoning Success Story

If you’ve followed indoorcycleinstructor.com for any length of time you know that I’m a huge fan of the 2T/3Z method of Heart Rate training which is the basis for Zoning. That simple Blue/Yellow/Red response from my Blink Heart Rate monitor is (to me) the perfect way to introduce zone based heart rate training into your class. Here’s some proof of it’s success – OK it’s a bit rough, but Diana presents 

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ICI Podcast 222 – Larry Link Russell makes $500 in a Blink – And so can you!

Zoning Fitness Heart Rate Training

Would like like to make $500.00 for teaching a 2 hour workshop? While at the same time making a huge impact on the fitness of your students? Larry “Link” Russell is doing just that by conducting Zoning Fitness Workshops at his YMCA. Zoning Fitness provides everything you need to start profiting from conducting Zoning Fitness Workshops at your club or studio. Here are some past interviews and articles where you 

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