Who’s looking to hire passionate & talented Indoor Cycling Instructors?

Indoor Cycling Studios Hiring Today

So which fitness club or cycling studio is looking today to hire a passionate & talented Indoor Cycling Instructor? EVERY. CLUB. AND. EVERY. STUDIO. How can I say that with such conviction, without actually surveying every club/studio on the planet? That’s easy 🙂 Every successful business owner/manager I know, is continuously looking to hire good people. It doesn’t matter if they have a “help wanted” sign hanging in the window 

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5 Reasons Instructors (that would be you and me) Need A Professional Headshot

Zion Anderson Head Shots

Update 12/11/16 – I thought of this post after an unnamed contributor responded “no, sorry” to my request for a new picture to include in an article. There were two things that got me really motivated to get a professional headshot last week. The first was talking with Darcy Knoblich and learning how she’s benefited from the self-promotion she’s doing online. Take a quick peek at her website and the 

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Would you teach indoor cycling in a facility that required exclusivity?

  Would you teach indoor cycling in a facility that required ? I live, work and play in and around Denver Colorado.  The indoor cycling studio scene has not yet made its way into the Mile High City.  We have some awesome stand alone studios like Breakaway, Epic Ryde, Beat Cycle and the Dailey Method, but the big boys with the big money like Soul Cycle, Flywheel or Full Psycle 

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Life Time Fitness is hiring Fitness Instructors

life time fitness instructor auditions

Life Time Fitness is hiring! If you’ve always wanted to teach Indoor Cycling or Group Fitness, at one of their 100+ beautiful upper-end big box clubs, this is could be your big chance 🙂 They (LTF) are all about member experience. The equipment (awesome sound system/twin big-screens for video + FreeMotion S11.9 Indoor Cycles with power) and their studios are fantastic. Their pay is respectable and you aren’t forced to use music 

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Great resource for brand new Indoor Cycling Instructors

There’s an old saying that goes; “I’ve been at this so long… I’ve forgotten much of what I didn’t know, when I first started.” I’ve taught Indoor Cycling classes since 1998ish. A long time ago for sure. Even back then I had an advantage over most new Instructors. I’m married to the “Senior Group Fitness Instructor” in my family. Amy began her fitness career in 1994 and Spinning® in 1995. 

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3 Steps To Managing The “First Indoor Cycling Class” Jitters – More Commonly Known As Stage Fright

So you made it through your audition and your name is listed as “Instructor” on the schedule. Congratulations! It’s very common for the initial excitement, “I can’t believe it… I’m an Indoor Cycling Instructor!!” to quickly fade away, replaced by fear and anxiety. The realization that in __ days you’ll be mounting the bike and leading your class for the very first time, typically solicits “HELP! I’m teaching my first class on Thursday!!” 

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Are you the next Women’s Health Fitness Star?

  I love helping Instructors become more successful – in fact my whole business plan is based on providing the platform Smart & Talented Instructors need to launch their careers 🙂 I was contacted today with another opportunity for you… Women’s Health is launching its 3rd annual search for The Next Fitness Star.   Year one winner Stacie Clark and year two winner Emily Schromm have had their careers transform and 

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Got my two week notice

That sucks! You thought you are doing everything right. You feel you’ve been a model employee for over 8 years. You’re always punctual and prepared to teach a great class. The members seem to enjoy you and you’ve had consistently good attendance numbers. Other Instructors appreciate your willingness to sub for them and you (maybe mistakenly) thought your GF Dept Head liked having you on her team and would have your 

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Free Music Friday 12/20

Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

We started watching “The Voice” because a friend of our daughter’s got a ‘4 chair turn’ in the auditions. (She didn’t make it to the live shows). We continued watching “The Voice” because the talent was amazing. The three finalists were all very different. My personal favorite, and the ultimate winner announced last night, is Tessanne Chin. Tessanne is from Jamaica. Jamaica is so loyal and devoted to their competitors. 

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Soul Cycle – not just a Fad

Sole Cycle Instructor Training

On January 20 John Macgowan posted Would you teach for SoulCycle? If you have not read it, try to find the time. It generated a lively discussion of 17 comments between eight of us. The post highlights excerpts from an article in New York Magazine that ran on January 14, 2013. An interesting read as well pointing out that Soul Cycle instructors are earning $50K and more. Coincidentally, Soul Cycle 

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Audition Success!

I love it when a plan comes together! I had listed my thoughts about how to successfully audition for an Instructor position at Life Time Fitness in an eariler post. It was in response to a question from an ICI/PRO member. Here’s an update: Hi John, Just wanted to follow up to say thank you for the tips, advice, music suggestions and everything pertaining to Life Time Fitness audition preparation 

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