ICI/PRO Podcast #237 – Scripted Starts and Flawless Finales Part 2

Now here’s part 2 As promised, ICI/PRO members will enjoy hearing part 2 of my interview with Lawrence Biscontini where he describes the importance of a scripted transition, as part of “Scripted Starts and Flawless Finales”. I didn’t address this during the interview (but it is obvious when you hear him speak) – Lawrence must be a Mensa Candidate.  His website lists that he teaches and presents in; English, Spanish, Italian, and Greek 

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ICI Podcast 236 Scripted Starts and Flawless Finales Part 1

We’re a little less than a month away from the Day Light Savings time change – Sunday, November 6. I’ve always considered that the un-official start of the Indoor Cycling season; rolling the clock back an hour makes it easier to commit to that 5:30 am class and you’re certainly not going to be riding after work… in the dark! So October can be a great time to polish up 

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ICI/PRO Podcast #188 – Master Instructor & Sports Nutritionist Dr. Joan Kent

Cure Sugar-addiction as a solution for weight loss

2/3/2015 UPDATE: ICI/PRO contributor Joan Kenk Ph.D. has published a new book on Sugar Addiction! So to celebrate her success I thought it would be helpful to republish her interview from 2011 – it was previously only for ICI/PRO members. The first thirty seconds of the podcast will have you convinced she is the expert on the addictive qualities of sugar – and what to do about it. Joan’s book 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 244 – Teaching Effective Beginner Indoor Cycling Classes

Teach a beginner indoor cycling classes

“The most important Indoor Cycling class you’ll ever take… will be the next one!” I’ve forgotten which Instructor I overheard saying this to a new participant, but it’s completely true. We want new students returning to our classes every week. It’s good for us (fuller classes) and obviously good for them 🙂 So what should we be doing in our classes to encourage a Revolutionist, who finds him-or-her self in your 

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ICI/PRO Podcast #240 – Schwinn Master Training Jay Blahnik on integrating Power into your classes Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my interview with Schwinn Master Trainer Jay Blahnik – for ICI/PRO members. In part 1 Jay briefly describes what he sees as the three different segments of people (Instructors and participants alike) that you will probably encounter when introducing Power. I convinced him to stick around for another half hour and really drill down on his strategies for bringing all three of these groups on board 

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ICI Podcast 239 – Schwinn Master Training Jay Blahnik on introducing Power into your classes Part 1

So you’ve got a room full of brand new indoor cycles with Power. Now what? How do you effectively introduce the concept of adding measurement (Power/Speed/Distance) to a class that has been taught without metrics for 15+ years? And do so in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the participants? Or you (the Instructor) for that matter? I posed the question to Jay Blahnik, Master Trainer with Schwinn Indoor Cycling. Jay joins me 

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ICI/PRO Podcast #233 – The Anatomy of a Profile

What are the component parts necessary to create an effective Indoor Cycling Class Profile? Tom Scotto joins me to discuss what he’s calling The Anatomy of a Profile in the latest episode our ICI/PRO member’s only PRO/Podcasts. Download the transcript of this podcast. You can download Tom’s notes from a Cycling Fusion Workshop here. You can listen below or you’ll also find this in your member’s only Podcast feed. http://indoorcycleinstructor.com.s3.amazonaws.com/233_Anatomy.mp3

ICI Podcast #232 – Some Simple FTP Math From Joe Friel

Joe Friel Power Meter Handbook

Cameron Chinatti excitedly emailed me about a discovery she made while reading The Power Meter Handbook: A User’s Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes which is a new eBook from Endurance Coach Joe Friel. In this new ebook, Joe lays out a simple formula that you can use to “ballpark” a student’s FTP Functional Threshold Power (or your own for that matter) giving everyone a little more clarity about the first step 

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ICI Podcast 222 – Larry Link Russell makes $500 in a Blink – And so can you!

Zoning Fitness Heart Rate Training

Would like like to make $500.00 for teaching a 2 hour workshop? While at the same time making a huge impact on the fitness of your students? Larry “Link” Russell is doing just that by conducting Zoning Fitness Workshops at his YMCA. Zoning Fitness provides everything you need to start profiting from conducting Zoning Fitness Workshops at your club or studio. Here are some past interviews and articles where you 

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ICI Podcast 216 Learn the Language of Power from Cameron Chinatti and Doug Rusho

Do you know the Language of Power? I invited Cameron Chinatti and Doug Rusho from Stages Indoor Cycling back to the Podcast to learn how they communicate the concepts of Power in ways that reach the different learning styles and personalities in your classes. Here’s the link to ICI/PRO Podcast #207 – Understanding FTP Functional Threshold Power with Cameron Chinatti that we discuss during the interview. Download the transcript of this podcast.  Become 

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ICI/PRO Podcast #210 Give them a rain day ride!

rain day indoor cycling ride

“Hey John – If it’s raining tomorrow will you have an indoor ride for us?” The question came to me from a member while I was in Amy’s class last Saturday. The Sunday following was the annual “Ironman” ride which is typically nasty weather and the forecast was for lots of rain and wind. If you are transitioning to riding outdoors, there’s a good chance one or more of your scheduled rides 

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