The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile (July 2015 Week 3)

  Below you’ll find Week 3 of July’s Keep it Simple and Progress indoor cycling profile. Workout Basics: 5 minute warmup 3 x 4 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1 minute recovery after the third 4 minute interval 3 x 3 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1 minute recovery after the third 3 minute interval 3 x 2 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1 minute 

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The Power of 3 – Keep it Simple, Let the Body Adapt and Progress (Week 2 Progression)

Last week I wrote about how my simplest sets and profiles are most often my most popular.  I have also found that if I simply progress profiles from week to week, usually in 3 week blocks, my classes enjoy the familiarity of the workout and see progressive improvement. To add progression to a block of workouts all you need to do is add time to each interval or reduce recovery 

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FTP Mix – Harmonically Mixed Set for Functional Threshold Power Test

FTP Mix “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2 “Wake Me Up” by Avicii “Real Gone” by Sheryl Crow “Danny, Dakota and the Wishing Well” by A Silent Film “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Vertigo” by U2 Last week I wrote about the “Threshold Check” or “Mini-Threshold Test” that I perform at the beginning of every class.  This week I want to share how I teach 

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How many watts should I be making at threshold?

If you’re teaching with power, there’s a good chance you’ll have a participant ask you this simple question; how many watts should I be making when I’m working at my threshold? Same goes for any new studio or one that is upgrading to indoor Cycles with power/watts. You will be asked for a number from many of your riders. The reason is pretty simple, many people naturally want to know how they 

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Mr. Macgowan… you have a reserved seat on bike #18!

Indoor cycle bike spot reservation system

How cool is this? I hadn’t experienced an Indoor Cycling studio that offered reserved seats before. It had me feeling like a VIP when Amy and I visited CB Cyclebarn, Karen Casler’s studio last month. The website system she uses integrates her Mindbody account with the class rider data collected by Performance IQ. I thought you might like to see the string of conformation and followup emails the system creates automatically. First let’s reserve 

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ICI Podcast 302 – Indoor Cycling Compendium for Power Training

Indoor Cycling Compendium on Power Training

A compendium (plural: compendia) is a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge. A compendium may summarize a larger work. Gene Nacey with Cycling Fusion knows Training with Power – indoors and out. The Indoor Cycling Compendium for Power Training is a new ebook resource that Instructors can purchase to be well informed and comfortable communicating the finer points of Power Training into your classes. Here’s an excerpt from Sally Edwards’ Forward to 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 299 – Power and your Playlist… don’t make it too hard

Corbin Chinatti Ruff with Mom and Dad

Stages Indoor Cycling’s Dunte Hector joins me to discuss his ideas about integrating power, while using your existing music playlists. Brilliant in its simplicity and so easy to implement… I wish I had thought of it myself. Learn Dunte’s trick below. We actually recorded this PRO Podcast back on 2/7 and we mention that Cameron Chinatti was due to give birth at any moment. Well on Feb 13 Corbin Chinatti 

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Star Trac Spinner® Blade Ion Review

Spinner Blade Ion Review

Star Trac had the new Spinner® Blade Ion on display at IHRSA. I rode one during Josh Taylor’s 6:30 am demonstration ride this past Thursday. After the class I discussed the Ion’s new features with Josh. I then got an overview of Spinning’s new Spinpower™ education from Program Director Angie Sturtevant, which I’ll share as a separate article. Basics The “Ion” differentiates this bike with Power from the conventional Spinner Blade. It uses the same chain 

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ICI Podcast 252 Meet Studio Owner Leslie Grosshauser from S and L Tri Cycle Fit Studio

My guest for this episode of the Podcast is Studio Owner Leslie Grosshauser. Leslie launched S & L Tri-Cycle Fit Studio on the first of the year. I was excited to learn from her about a number of decisions she made, to differentiate her offering from other fitness competitors. Key among them were the purchase of Schwinn AC Performance cycles and the Performance IQ on-screen display system of each rider’s Power and Heart 

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ICI/PRO Podcast #203 Cycle Strong Audio PROfile

Big legs from indoor cycling

Cycling Fusion Master Instructor Tom Scotto is back! Tom conducts a Cycle Strong Instructor workshop and here is an abbreviated version for you to enjoy and learn from. As this is an actual workshop I asked Tom to provide a PDF of Cycle Strong that includes the Power Point slides that you can reference while you listen.

Tech Tuesday – Look at all this data!

freemotion power data download

Both the FreeMotion S 11 series and Schwinn AC Indoor Cycles have the ability to record your ride data using a USB Thumb Drive. This past Sunday I asked Alan ******, one of my regular students, if he would be willing to have his class performance data recorded so I could share it with you. Al is a long time cyclist and we first met back in 1998 while I 

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