Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Review – Part 2

John Macgowan riding the Stages SC3

  Riding the Stages SC3 I got about 75 minutes of saddle time on the Stages SC3 during the conference. Two morning classes, a 60 sec challenge (445 watts – 2.78 watts/lb which I felt was OK for a 53 year old) and some undirected free time when I experimented with the SprintShift. Quick aside: Why does everyone look like they’re setup too low in the videos? I had 

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Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Review – Part 1

Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Review

IHRSA 2015 was the first public appearance of the Stages Cycling SC3 Indoor Cycle. This was a total surprise to me and I have no idea how Stages Master Educator Dennis Mellon was able to keep his mouth shut for so long. We talk weekly and it must have been killing him not to be able to tell me about their latest project 🙂 Going forward, I feel it’s important 

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Are you using this feature correctly… or at all?

Did you know that all of the Indoor Cycles that use magnetic resistance (FreeMotion S11.9, Keiser M3i and Schwinn AC) have a built in feature that will help your riders get stronger, create more power and burn more calories if you recognise and cue to it properly? The feature I’m talking about doesn’t have a label to identify it or a button to push to turn it on or off. It’s 

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Matrix IC7 Indoor Cycle Powered By ICG®

Team ICG IC7 Indoor Cycle Review

Matrix and the Indoor Cycling Group (ICG®) debuted their new IC7 Indoor Cycle with power at IHRSA last month. In many respects it’s different from any group cycle on the market today. You could go so far as describing a number of their technical innovations as revolutionary – not to mention how everything is wrapped in a very good looking package. Where do I even start? There are so many innovations 

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Indoor Cycle Accuracy Wars Begin with Keiser’s M3i EN-ISO 20957-1 Accreditation

Keiser M3 EN-ISO 20957-1 accreditation

Over the past month or so we’re published multiple posts related to the accuracy and consistency of the indoor cycles in our studios. Gene Nacey chronicled his experiments toward finding a method of handicapping his cycles, in the hope of addressing the differences in wattage he is seeing between bikes and my series on the results from our survey both pointed to the same conclusion; Indoor Cycle manufactures have work 

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Change in Technology Has Me Re-Thinking Single Leg Pedaling Drills

Spinning and Indoor Cycling One Legged Pedal Drill

During a class I attending yesterday, the Instructor had everyone doing one-legged pedaling drills… one legged as in pedaling with one foot un-clipped and held out to the side or rested on the frame. That’s wrong/contraindicated… isn’t it? My initial reaction was to do what I normally do in this situation, I would just ignore his cue. Unfortunately I was setup in the dead center of the room and I quickly 

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Comparing Spinning’s® Friction to FreeMotion’s® Magnetic Resistance

power to ride a bicycle 25 mph and 30 mph

Many Indoor Cycle manufacturers claim a connection with cycling outdoors: 100% Authentic – Spinning is authentic. It’s true to its cycling roots, yet refined to a simplicity that makes it the perfect program for any age or ability. FreeMotion says; Drive System Mimics Outdoor Riding The Schwinn® Authentic Cycling™ Series is based on one simple principle: we believe that riding a bike indoors should feel as much like riding an outdoor bike as possible. There 

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Star Trac Spinner® Blade Ion Review

Spinner Blade Ion Review

Star Trac had the new Spinner® Blade Ion on display at IHRSA. I rode one during Josh Taylor’s 6:30 am demonstration ride this past Thursday. After the class I discussed the Ion’s new features with Josh. I then got an overview of Spinning’s new Spinpower™ education from Program Director Angie Sturtevant, which I’ll share as a separate article. Basics The “Ion” differentiates this bike with Power from the conventional Spinner Blade. It uses the same chain 

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High Cadence Climbing Techniques

Besides sporting those fabulous sideburns, Tour de France leader Bradley Wiggins is demonstrating how to climb effectively using a much faster pedal cadence than the riders that surround him. I’ve been counting his pedal RPM during the climbs and today as I watched, Wiggins climbed the Col de Tormalet in the high 80’s.   Wiggins reminds me of another successful high cadence climber – Lance Armstrong. I’m going to venture a guess that 

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Cool new stuff at IHRSA Trade Show

Bill Pryor from Spynergy Consulting visited the annual IHRSA Show last week to learn what’s new for cycling studio owners and entrepreneurs.  Here are some highlights and photos from his report. “……once I got over the sensory overload, I made a point of visiting all the bike manufacturers to ride the bikes and hear about new trends.  I also tried to see what kinds of metrics, programming and video content 

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Random reflections on teaching with Power

I’m like a kid in a candy store now that I have power in my Sunday 90 minute endurance class 🙂 Much of it, I’m sure has to do with the purity of the participants – which is to be expected from participants in a 90 minute anything… but there is more to it than just transitioning a 90 minute class without Power, to one with Power. They get “it” The people in 

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