find the BPM of any song for spinning or indoor cycling class

This is cool

I saw this online tool, after following a link posted by Kor180 studio owner Maja Kermath on Facebook. After trying a few tracks that came to mind, it worked so well that I felt I should share it with you.

The tool searches the Spotify database and returns all the posibilities found. It's interesting to me how the various versions of Ziggy Stardust are all at a different BPM.

79BPM or 148BPM... what's the difference?

The live version of the song above is listed at 148BPM, while all the others are around 80BPM. Obviously the live version isn't played twice as fast. Rather if you know the original song you'll hear that the live version is a bit slower @ 74BPM - 1/2 of 148BPM. The software is counting this track differently, which is why I prefer using....

Tap-To-The-Beat Music Counting Tools

Following and riding to the beat of the music, does require you be able to hear the rhythm and then match your movement to it. That's why I've always recommended Instructors actually listen to each track and then tap out the beat using one of the simple tap-to-the-beat counters listed below.

The Windows version Tap-To-The-Beat counter isn”™t pretty, but I”™ve used it for years — download it here. It will show as an .exe file in your downloads folder. Double click to open it and start tapping the Enter key in time with the beat that you hear 🙂

This online Tap to the Beat counter works well.

There are a bunch of free iPhone Apps like this one you can use.

Android Users can download this free App.


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