Options for finding the BPM (beats per minute) for any song

This is cool I saw this online tool, after following a link posted by Kor180 studio owner Maja Kermath on Facebook. After trying a few tracks that came to mind, it worked so well that I felt I should share it with you. https://songbpm.com The songbpm.com tool searches the Spotify database and returns all the posibilities found. It’s interesting to me how the various versions of Ziggy Stardust are all at a 

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ICI Podcast 349 – Learn to use the power of exercise to promote creativity from Dr. Wendy Suzuki Ph.D

Here’s a creative exercise for you to try. Imagine that tomorrow you begin marketing your Indoor Cycling classes differently… Instead of focussing on physical benefits of increased strength, endurance or weight management/loss, what would happen if your marketing was directed at cerebral benefits instead? Do you feel you could possibly attract a new/unique group of participants? Maybe those people who aren’t necessarily interested in physical improvements. Computer types (geeks) come 

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Does ClassBuilder and Schwinn’s Class Tamer iPhone Apps work with Apple Music?

Do ClassBuilder and Schwinn’s Class Tamer iPhone Apps work with Apple Music? This person on Facebook said they both do… which would be very cool. So I renewed my efforts, fought through the confusion and she’s right! I was able to open an Apple Music playlist that Dennis Mellon sent me, with either ClassBuilder or Class Tamer with my iPad*. I added a few cues and nearly everything worked perfectly 

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Hollywood Cycle Reality TV Trailer

hollywood cycle review

I’m seeing that E! Entertainment Television has released a couple of trailers for their upcoming show about Indoor cycling Instructors > Hollywood Cycle. Looks like your garden variety fitness studio drama. Nothing different than what we experience every week at Life Time. Does this look like your studio as well? http://thumbnails.eonline.com/p/Comcast_Entertainment_Group_-_E!_Online_VMS/23/65/74/cycle_101_promo_b_236574_300.mp4 http://thumbnails.eonline.com/p/Comcast_Entertainment_Group_-_E!_Online_VMS/23/65/73/cycle_101_promo_a_236573_300.mp4 The show is scheduled to begin July 7th 10/9 central on E!

Right Foot Out? Left Foot Out? Make any difference which one you unclip?

We were waiting for a long traffic light to change yesterday, when one of our group asked me a question; why do you unclip your left foot? I always unclip my right… personal preference, or is one way better/more correct? The women who asked this question is a relatively new rider. This is her second year road riding with our outdoor group. Like many who’ve become passionate cyclists, she has 

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Do you realize talking, is preventing fat from escaping your body?

I’m constantly on the hunt for clever ways to encourage my class to focus (a polite way of saying SHUT UP) and work hard. Over the years my best success has come from equating the work we’re doing to weight loss. After all, interest in burning calories is universal – doesn’t matter who it is (cyclist, club athlete, new mother, etc..) everyone in my class is interested in either reducing 

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Sampling New Music Tuesdays – from Spotify

New Indoor Cycling Music from Spotify

This has become an almost regular habit for me. I’ll cue up the New Music Tuesday playlist published by Spotify and then drag promising tracks into my Future To Use folder. Some weeks are near complete washouts. This week has what could be a complete class of songs… Oh, what the heck. Here’s a playlist of just songs from today (no Snoop you’ll notice) that follows my typical Life Time 

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Professional Indoor Cycling Instructor’s Tools Of The Trade

Tools for Indoor Cycling Instructors

I got an email question this morning that had me frustrated in my lack of organization here. Hi John, Am I remembering right that you use a wireless transmitter for your music? With my classes smaller I thought it would be fun to ride along with my riders and would like to be able to still change the music on my iPhone. I am having trouble finding whatever it is you 

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Six More Secrets to Burning Major Calories In Indoor Cycling Class

Glamour Magazine recently published an article The 6 Secrets to Burning Major Calories in Spin[sic] Class written by Faith Cummings.  Four of the points raised are solid. One is iffy and another is IMO boarding on BS. Their suggestions; Don’t stop moving, Make sure you have enough resistance, Push yourself and Prep your body before class (that last one is my favorite and I’ll expand on the idea below) are all solid and sound advice. These other 

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Prescriptive Exercise – Your Doctor writing a prescription for YOU to attend indoor cycling classes

Prescriptive Exercise - Your Doctor writing a perscription for indoor cycling classes

A national policy of Prescriptive Exercise would be the holy grail* for small studio owners.  Imagine; A new client walks in with her doctor specified exercise regimen for you to “fill”, just like at a pharmacy. As an approved provider, you and your studio would provide the required exercise and then bill the clients insurance company… and not at your normal class rate – at a much higher rate in recognition 

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The Power of Harmony – 60 minutes of Harmonically Mixed Music

Over the past few weeks there have been some questions on the ICI/Pro website that gave me the idea for this week’s post. One question was about music flow and another was asked which comes first, playlist or profile? To show one way to make music flow I decided to put together a playlist of songs that are all in the same harmonic key, this is technique is called “Harmonic 

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