CycleBar Fitness Instructor Jobs Fair on Fox & Friends This Morning

fox and friends fitness job fair for instructors

Fox & Friends ran a special segment this morning, highlighting the job opportunities in the fitness industry. Master Instructor Kari Nicolle from CycleBar said that they would be opening 50 new locations this year, requiring close to 700 new hires. That’s an awesome opportunity for Indoor Cycling Instructors! Watch the latest video at

ICI Podcast 359 – Future Studio Owner Consultation Call

Helping prospective Indoor Cycling studio owners with their business planning is part of my Instructor Employment Initiative – encouraging the formation of new studios… which creates more places for Instructors to teach and will (at least I’m hearing) create upwards pressure on class pay rates! ICI/PRO member Rowan Platel contacted me recently with questions about a future cycling studio he is planning. Thanks John. I am looking for as much 

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Would adding a few Recumbent Indoor Cycles = a more inclusive class?

recumbent indoor cycle for inclusive indoor cycling classes

Would you agree that Indoor Cycles are a poor method/modality of exercise – for some populations? There’s a long list of people who would never consider participating in our classes, or even riding an indoor cycle alone at home. There’s a bunch of reasons: Physical limitations Obese/overweight Existing injury Just plain afraid of that skinny, little, bicycle saddle ūüôĀ So, would it make sense to add a few recumbent cycles 

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Life Time Fitness is hiring Fitness Instructors

life time fitness instructor auditions

Life Time Fitness is hiring! If you’ve always wanted to teach Indoor Cycling or Group Fitness, at one of their 100+ beautiful upper-end big box clubs, this is could be your big chance ūüôā They (LTF) are all about member experience. The equipment (awesome sound system/twin big-screens for video + FreeMotion¬†S11.9 Indoor Cycles with power)¬†and their studios are fantastic. Their pay is respectable and you aren’t forced to use music 

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ICI Podcast 340 – Are you part of the SilverSneakers FLEX program?

Here’s a great opportunity for Indoor Cycling Instructors and Studio Owners to attract and serve a new demographic of riders – active seniors! With over 12 MILLION members and 13,000 locations, SilverSneakers is a kind of quiet giant in the fitness industry. Participating senior citizens, across America, can take advantage of free access to health clubs and wellness centers that’s paid through their health insurance. The SilverSneakers FLEX program is 

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ICI Podcast 338 – Pre-startup planning for a new Indoor Cycling Studio

Callie Bowling

How much planning did you do (or should you do), before launching your new cycling studio? What research did you complete to understand the difference between successful studios and those that are struggling? Fitness entrepreneur Callie Bowling has completed an exhaustive planning process in anticipation of opening a new Indoor Cycling Studio in Boise Idaho next fall. Callie interviewed over a dozen studio owners and she shares what’s working… what’s 

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Use the “Mom Test” to help choose studio registration software & technology

Prospective Indoor Cycling Studio owners have hundreds of both challenging and easy decisions to make, long before they’re ready to launch. Considering that your new studio will be a¬†real business¬†and the purpose of your business is to make money, the registration system you choose* to collect your money is pretty darn important… in fact it’s crucial IMO. With multiple solution providers of online registration systems – how do you choose?) 

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Should you be deemphasizing outdoor cycling?

Can an argument be made¬†for¬†deemphasizing “Outdoor Cycling” in your Indoor Cycling class? Or asked differently; would¬†it ever make sense to remove many (if not all) of the references, imagery and cuing related to riding outdoors? ¬† Life Time Fitness thinks we should and for some class times and populations, I agree with them. Evolution Cycle is the latest branded cycling class format from Life Time Fitness. As part of the 

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Shiny (sweaty) Happy People

Five million viewers of ABC’s “Good Morning America” TV program were treated to a wonderful promotion for Indoor Cycling this past week. As I watched I just couldn’t help myself and began humming REM’s¬†Shiny Happy People. That was exactly what I was seeing > hundreds of shiny, happy people enjoying riding inside. I can’t think of a better way to kick off 2015! I’m of course describing the nationwide 2015 

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ICI Podcast 337 – Full Psycle/PRO Performance IQ Training Feb 14th in Chicago

Full Psycle PRO PIQ Training

I’m super excited to announce that ICI/PRO is teaming up with the owners of Full Psycle Indoor Cycling; Paul Harmeling & Shelly Scott. We are hosting our first Full Psycle/PRO Performance IQ Training on February 14th at the¬†Full Psycle Studio in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, IL. 1/20 update: There’s just two open seats remaining. Click here to register for the 2/14 Chicago workshop $295.00 I’ve taken over a 

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Is Indoor Cycling a fad… or a fading trend?

A recently¬†published survey by ACSM about trends in fitness has spawned a number of articles; here, here and here. ACSM’s top 20 fitness trends makes no mention of Indoor Cycling – going so far as to suggest its inevitable demise. My review of the survey finds it wanting > no, actually I see it as utter nonsense BS based on both sample size and respondents. WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF FITNESS TRENDS 

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