Top Indoor Cycling Songs of 2014

2014 was another great year for music. Many of the songs that made my list this year dropped in the second half of the year and a few actually came out in 2013 with remixes that dropped in 2014. And I may have cheated here or there with songs that came out in late 2013 and didn’t fall on my radar until this year. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll find something 

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The Power of 3 – Three Song Harmonically Mixed Indoor Cycling Set – “My Body Tells Me “NO” But I Won’t Quit Cuz I Want More”

The Power of 3 – “”My Body Tells Me “NO” But I Won’t Quit Cuz I Want More” “Turn The Levels” by DJ Lobersterdust “Part of Me” by Katy Perry “My Body” by Young the Giant There has been a lot of talk lately about the proper range of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) in indoor cycling classes. The general range that most indoor cycling certifications recommend is 60-110rpm. That doesn’t 

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The Power of 3 – Three Song Harmonically Mixed Indoor Cycling Sets

Have you ever felt the “Power of 3”? If you were to do a quick web search you would see that 3 is a very special number. It’s a favorite of storytellers; the three pigs, the the three blind mice, Goldilocks and the three bears and the Three Musketeers. It’s used in faith; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as Mindy, Body, Spirit. You have the 3 olympic 

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Indoor Cycling Power Research #7: Good News, Bad News

Confusing Data

Different Methods Same Skewed Results Let’s start with the good news. I’m sorry, I was completely pulling your leg. I really don’t have any good news. I know, that’s terrible – you can throw pencils and small farm animals at me next time you see me. I was really looking for the good news in these results and I just can’t find any. This last series of retesting the same 

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Indoor Cycling Power Research #6: Bringing In The Big Guns

Gino & Sarah Research

Let’s Try This Another Way After testing 14 different bikes, with 6 of them also being repeat tested at least twice, I was pretty disappointed to see the data I reported in our last blog. This was never meant to be just an academic exercise. This had pure practical motivation. I wanted to be able to do real and reasonable competition in class. I wanted to encourage more tantalizing trash 

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Indoor Cycling Power Research #5: Show Me The Numbers!

Show me the numbers

  Time To Dig In So we’ve painstakingly done everything possible to setup and prepare our methods for a solid research project – at least as solid as any “non-university” research setting can hope for. We’ve not only established a consistent protocol for conducting the tests, but we’ve also made sure to not do too many in any one day, nor to use different testers to eliminate potential influences to our 

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Indoor Cycling Power Research #4: Chasing Reliability

Vector Pedals on Keiser M3

Let’s recap what we’ve done so far in our video blog series: 1. We have introduced the whys and wherefores of this Indoor Cycling Power research project 2. We’ve shown exactly how the Garmin Vector pedals get mounted to the Keiser m3 indoor cycle bike 3. We’ve demonstrated from start to finish, the precise protocol used in conducting repeatable tests on each bike 4. Last week we stepped through the 

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Indoor Cycling Power Research #3: Compiling The Data

Indoor Cycling Data Collection

The first two video blogs showed the detailed process of performing power tests on the Keiser m3 bike with Garmin Vector power pedals mounted on them so that the power shown on the Keiser m3 can be compared to the power being measured by the Vector pedals.  As you know, the m3 displays power based on a calculation or table within the computer that is a function of the magnet’s 

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Why Try Spotify?

As an indoor cycling instructor, you already know that music plays an important part in creating an exceptionally motivating class.   But sometimes, searching for new music and developing playlists can be time consuming and costly. Since iTunes came out with its social network, Ping in 2010, I’ve had great success finding music and sharing songs and playlists there with other instructors.  In fact, I may have been happy to stay 

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The 3 most important things that keep a class full: Variety, Variety, Variety

After more than 6 years operating a 46-bike cycling studio in the suburbs of Boston,  I have seen a ton of instructors come and go.  We’re not a big health club, we are a dedicated indoor cycling studio, so the survival of our business depends on our instructors abilities to fill up classes.  Because we have no other source of income for the studio,  our definition of  a “good” instructor 

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ICI/PRO Podcast #108 – Strength Intervals Video PROfile

I know, it’s about time we had a “Video PROfile” so here it is. While I was at Breathe Denver for the Stage 5 Cycling certification training with Tom Scotto, I shot some footage of Tom’s presentation (with his permission) on teaching Strength Intervals. Here is that Video PROfile and ICI/PRO members can look forward to 4 more of these over the next month. If you like what you see 

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