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You”™re passionate about fitness, you love indoor cycling and you may even be an outstanding instructor yourself. You recognize the amazing energy in a great class, and you”™ve also seen a lot of poor or mediocre classes that frustrate you. Maybe you”™ve wondered if a dedicated studio can make money?

Should you start your own studio? Great questions.

While not nearly as common as yoga studios, there are in fact a good many successful, dedicated cycling studios (and Spin® studios) around the country. We have worked extensively with a number of them, and in the right community, with the right model, these can be tremendous small businesses.

There is nothing more thrilling than waking every day knowing your decisions and actions are building a business, developing a community, making people healthy…….and generating a stream of profits!

Here is the first question we ALWAYS get asked. There is plenty of indoor cycling and Spinning® at gyms and health clubs in my area — why would people go to a new dedicated

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  1. Dedication.For the same reason there are thousands of successful Yoga studios, despite ample yoga classes at gyms and health clubs --- a dedicated studio focuses
    on one thing. It pays attention to the details and delivers a more consistently excellent product.
  2. Atmosphere.
    Many people, for a variety of reasons, prefer a small intimate studio
    to the feeling of a big gym or health club. As evidence, look at the vast number of Yoga, Pilates and personal training studios --- despite the availability of those services at gyms.
  3. Pricing flexibility.
    Studios typically offer a variety of programs including “unlimited classes” or “pay-per-visit”. This variety and flexibility appeals to a broad range of potential clients. This service makes it easy to set up online payments.
  4. Community.
    There is a community spirit in a small studio attended by dedicated cyclists with a common passion.

The notion of a successful, dedicated cycling studio is not just a concept --- it is a reality in dozens of instances around the country. That being said, the number is miniscule compared to the opportunity, and there is very likely a need near you.

We”™ve launched our own successful studios and worked with cycling studio owners all around the country, using MindBody Online to collect payments. If you”™re seriously considering opening an Indoor Cycling studio, we are happy to help you brainstorm through the business planning and development.
For more information, take a peek at
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