Master Instructor Tom Scotto ends the year with another excellent Audio PROfile. ICI/PRO members can look forward to another 12 NEW PROfiles in 2012.
“This is one of my favorite rides because it puts us under some “good” stress for long periods of time. We are going to be targeting a very uncomfortable level of intensity — just above our endurance effort and below the point we start to become breathless. It can be tough because, mentally we either want to shut it down or step on the gas and blow up. Neither is an option.”
“For those of us that know our thresholds, we are going to be working between ventilatory threshold 1 (VT1) and ventilatory threshold 2 (VT2).”
“Before you get prideful and think this is not going to be a hard ride, keep in mind that very little recovery will be provided in order to keep this steady level of stress on our body. Usually I tell you to take some time to recovery if you over-shoot your ability, but today I want you to take a different approach. During this ride, if you over-shoot your ability, I ONLY want you to back down a little bit and see if you can re-establish your effort. If not, back down a little bit more until you can stabilize.”
“One last note to those of you that are outdoor riders building base. This is a great workout to assist in your aerobic conditioning but NOT a substitute for those long hours in the saddle. 60- minute indoor cycling classes are not the place to building that kind of endurance so make sure you are getting your saddle time in addition to this class.”

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