Life Time Fitness LT Connect Heart Rate Display System

Bring your Garmin or other Ant+ compatible HR strap

Updated 10/30 below

Short notice... it's tomorrow night.

Here's the email invitation I received:

EDGE Cycle kick-off with Bahram Akradi & quests

This will be the 1st class offering in Minnesota of our “new” EDGE CYCLE signature Indoor cycle format!

Expect to have an experience that includes resultsheart rate and community all with the future technology of LT Connect

Class time: 5:30-6:30pm

  • First come, first serve.
  • We kindly ask to arrive by 5:00pm for individualized LT Connect set up. Everyone who wants to experience this must have a heart rate strap (Garmin or Motorola).
  • Music will be provided by DJ Dan; guest instructors to get you pumped and a party at Rare to follow the hard yet fun work! J

We look forward to seeing you there~

What's being launched is the new EDGE Cycle class format that integrates with LT Connect - Life Time's branded heart rate display system. Similar to MYZONE or Polar's system, but no power like Performance IQ 🙁

Fun none the less as both Amy and I teach in the same room!

I'm planning to attend and will relay the details when I know more.

Update post class:

I took the class last night. If you teach at a Life Time, you might be excited if/when this gets to your club.

First stop when I got to the studio, was to check in and get my Garmin HR strap connected to the system. They had a desk setup and the person manning it asked for my name and if (and how) I knew my personal HR Zones. "What's your top of Zone one" was his next question - I couldn't answer, but I explained that I have been tested multiple times and my AT (VT2) was 162. My and base of Zone 3 (VT1) is... but before I could say 146, he had hit the button that auto-populates all the other fields and showed 145, close enough for me.

Next I was handed a little black box, a little bigger than an iPhone, that I pointed at my HR strap. This identified my unique Ant+ signal which connected me to my profile. And there I was "John" up on the screen with the others.

Suggestion: this isn't the time to puff your chest out and give the highest possible threshold you can imagine, with the intent of impressing others in the class. The accountability that comes from having your name up on the screen becomes very real, so I suggest being a bit conservative. So when the 3 minute effort is supposed to have you at the top of Zone 4 (and you're sitting one over from your Dept Head) with the last minute pushing into Zone 5, you don't find yourself wishing you have said 160. Pushing hard enough to add that one BPM that causes your gauge to go RED, is every challenging. Especially while you're convinced everyone in the room is watching to see if you can do it.

More when I have a chance to teach with LT Connect.

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