ICI Podcast 353 – When Is It Time For Your Second Studio?

I can’t remember ever talking to a new studio owner, who didn’t express the dream to open & own a second… and possibly a third studio once their first was established. Which raises an interesting question… When is the right time to open a 2nd studio? And should you? Studio Owner Nancy Katinas owns The Revolution, a pair of Indoor Cycling studios in upstate New York. She joins me to 

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Club Industry 2015 – My Video “Show Me” Indoor Cycling Class

I’m on my way to Chicago for Club Industry 2015 to show off the new Stages SC3 Indoor Cycling bike. Cameron Chinatti and I will be leading a bunch of free training session, if you’re in the area please stop by and ride with us. Here are class descriptions and registration links: Here are the descriptions and form links to register for each: 8:30-10:00 – Oh no! Not the Power 

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Heart Rate Display Training Contributes to Women’s World Cup Victory

The USA Women won the World Cup finals in soccer yesterday! The US team coaches are using heart rate training, aka Heart Zones Training, extensively in their preparation for what lead to this victory. I wanted to share with you an article released yesterday about how that training is accomplished using training load points and player position specificity – and comments that I made in that regard in the article. 

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Bring Heart Rate Training Into A School Near You

  While most of us are focused on adult fitness, Sally Edwards and her Heart Zones company are doing some pretty amazing stuff with middle and high school aged children – using display training technology to motivate kids and get them active 🙂   I love seeing active kids who are enjoying fun activities…  they’re our future Instructors and participants! Use this contact form to request more information. Thinking many 

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Prescriptive Exercise – Your Doctor writing a prescription for YOU to attend indoor cycling classes

Prescriptive Exercise - Your Doctor writing a perscription for indoor cycling classes

A national policy of Prescriptive Exercise would be the holy grail* for small studio owners.  Imagine; A new client walks in with her doctor specified exercise regimen for you to “fill”, just like at a pharmacy. As an approved provider, you and your studio would provide the required exercise and then bill the clients insurance company… and not at your normal class rate – at a much higher rate in recognition 

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Annual meeting of Cycling Studio Owners?

Indoor Cycling Studio Owners Annual Meeting

John, I feel we need an official organization of Cycling Studio Owners + an annual conference where we can all meet and learn from each other. I’ve heard this dozens of times from Studio Owners, including this past IHRSA and last month at our Full Psycle/PRO PIQ training in Chicago. That’s a great idea, I would say repeatedly, followed by; So who’s going to organize it? Well… you are John – 

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My Journey to IHRSA 2015: Part 2

On Wednesday March 11th around 2:00pm I arrived in LAX to take part in my first IHRSA as a Master Educator for Stages Indoor Cycling. I was so excited that I went straight to the convention center to help the Stages team finish setting up our booth. I had been to the IHRSA convention before but never as an exhibitor. This time I got to see what happens “backstage” before 

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Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Review – Part 1

Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Review

IHRSA 2015 was the first public appearance of the Stages Cycling SC3 Indoor Cycle. This was a total surprise to me and I have no idea how Stages Master Educator Dennis Mellon was able to keep his mouth shut for so long. We talk weekly and it must have been killing him not to be able to tell me about their latest project 🙂 Going forward, I feel it’s important 

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Here’s what I’m excited to see at IHRSA!

I’m super excited to participate at IHRSA 2015 next week – this is the largest fitness equipment/programing and services show in the USA. Our industry is continuously changing and many manufacturers launch their latest and greatest at this huge event. Amy is joining me again this year and we’d love to meet you! We get into LA Tuesday 3/10 morning and will be there until noon friday. Here’s the IHRSA promotional 

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Keeping It FUN … A Year Later

“Hello… My name is Karen and I stepped out of the box last year. I am also the self proclaimed spokesperson for KEEPING IT FUN™ Indoor Cycling. I’m committed to helping other indoor cycling instructors who aren’t afraid to approach indoor cycling differently.” Remember that article? I wrote it a little over a year ago. I wrote it after making the commitment to add variety into my own studio’s Indoor Cycling program. I 

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Performance IQ or Spivi PTP Test Quick Profile

Performance IQ PTP Profile

We had some excellent questions from Studio Owners this past weekend during our Full Psycle/PRO PIQ workshop. Paul Harmeling addressed these two related questions during the Q&A – I wanted to offer my thoughts on it here: When, or how often, should we be using using the PTP (Personal Threshold Power) mode screen?   What exactly should we have our riders doing, during the PTP (Calc) test/assessment? First, for those currently not using 

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