Why can't we have a Heads-Up display like Lexus?

It has taken me a while, but now I understand why many Instructors and Studio/Club owners are resistant to adding Indoor Cycles with power... they don't want a class full of riders, with heads down, totally focused on the what the computer is showing. We all want our participants focused on us...

Many of us take pride in teaching an authentic class that is a close as possible to riding out doors. On the road you had better keep your head up, eyes forward, or you will soon end up in the ditch or plastered over the back of a parked car. Not good.
Don't we want the same behavior from our indoor students? I do. Then doesn't it make sense to give everyone a way to see their performance data somewhere other than on a tiny screen that forces them to look continuously down?

In this previous post I discussed a new system from Performance IQ that takes the wattage, cadence and total energy created and displays it on a big screen or flat panel monitor in the front of the room. Effectively placing it where your student can easily see it (and you at the same time) while maintaining the proper "head up and eyes forward" form we are trying to instill in our classes.

Here is the interview that I promised with Mark Davids and Tae Yoo from Performance IQ where we discuss their new Top Power system. If you teach or own a club with Keiser M3s I would love to know if you feel this would be of value to you and your students.

UPDATE 8/2013: This system now works with any of the ANT+ enabled power consoles found on these Indoor Cycles; Freemotion S11 series, Schwinn AC and the new Spinner Blade ION.

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