Support Julz Arney and receive her Moving Mountains class profile

Former Schwinn Master Trainer Julz Arney needs your help and she’s offering a nice gift in exchange – her latest class music playlist and profile for Moving Mountains! Hello John You are getting this email from me because in the past you so generously donated to this awesome cause, where 100% of the money raised goes directly toward research to cure rare cancers. Did you know that covers everything from 

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Cycling Fusion Class Profile – 122116 Explosive Strength

Cycling Fusion Class Profile

Master Instructor Joey Stabile from Cycling Fusion contributed his Christmas class profile. If you have a class or two this weekend, your participants might enjoy this structured workout featuring some Christmas tracks to celebrate the season. Download the profile .pdf to print out here. Joey has shared his music playlist. You’ll find Explosive Strength PRO/Playlist using Apple Music  or Spotify

Simple and Progress Profile for Aug #1 – Don’t Burn the Toast

  Pace yourself, Don’t Burn the Toast.     5-minute warmup 4 x 4-minute intervals with 1 minute 30 seconds recovery after each 2-minute recovery after the fourth 4-minute interval 4 x 2-minute intervals with 1-minute recovery after each 2-minute recovery after the fourth 2-minute interval 4 x 1-minute intervals with 1-minute recovery after each 2-minute recovery after the fourth 2-minute interval 4 x 30-second intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 6 minute cool down   Recording of me teaching this profile 

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Simple and Progress Profile for July #1 – Hang On

  Can you Hang On to the work done in the previous interval?   Workout Basics: 5-minute warmup 3 x 4-minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1-minute recovery after the third 4-minute interval 3 x 3-minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1-minute recovery after the third 3-minute interval 3 x 2-minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1-minute recovery after the third 2-minute interval 4,3,2 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery after each 1-minute recovery after the 2-minute interval 4 x 30-second intervals with 1-minute recovery after each 5 minute cool down 3 

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Keep it Simple and Progress – Profile Oct 2015 Week 3 At or Above Threshold

  Below you’ll find Week 3 of October’s @ or Above Threshold Keep it Simple and Progress indoor cycling profile. Workout Basics: 4 minute warmup 15 minute benchmark ride to find “Maximum Sustainable Wattage” 2 minute recovery 6 x 1 minute interval w/30 sec recovery after each 2 minute recovery 12 minte interval at higher wattage than the 15 minute benchmark 2 minute recovery 3 x 1 minute interval w/10 

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ICI Podcast 343 – Create Entertaining Performance Training Classes

John Macgowan and David McQuillen

Is it possible to create Performance Cycling Classes that are entertaining and compelling, for both endurance athletes and non-cyclists? David McQuillen, with The Sufferfest video series, says you can with entertaining video content – note the emphasis on entertaining 🙂 I’ve been aware of David’s videos for years. Perfect for pounding away in the garage or your basement, but I didn’t consider them suitable for group cycling classes. Turns out I 

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Sampling New Music Tuesdays – from Spotify

New Indoor Cycling Music from Spotify

This has become an almost regular habit for me. I’ll cue up the New Music Tuesday playlist published by Spotify and then drag promising tracks into my Future To Use folder. Some weeks are near complete washouts. This week has what could be a complete class of songs… Oh, what the heck. Here’s a playlist of just songs from today (no Snoop you’ll notice) that follows my typical Life Time 

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Performance IQ or Spivi PTP Test Quick Profile

Performance IQ PTP Profile

We had some excellent questions from Studio Owners this past weekend during our Full Psycle/PRO PIQ workshop. Paul Harmeling addressed these two related questions during the Q&A – I wanted to offer my thoughts on it here: When, or how often, should we be using using the PTP (Personal Threshold Power) mode screen?   What exactly should we have our riders doing, during the PTP (Calc) test/assessment? First, for those currently not using 

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Performance Cycle – FTP Assessment Class

Here’s the profile I used last week in our first Performance Cycle FTP assessment. Recover and Cool Down Selah Sue – This World Passenger – Let Her Go Lana Del Rey – West Coast – Rob Orton Mix

Performance Cycle – FTP Assessment or 2 + 1 = a straight line

Better late than never they say. It certainly applies to this season’s Performance Cycle classes – now we’re in full swing after some initial confusion that came from a sudden change on GFDH’s. We kicked off this past Sunday with an assessment to find the wattage numbers we will be using going forward. I like to use very simple terminology that minimises any mathematical computations. The week before I described how 

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Performance Cycle – Pinning Down Two Numbers Class Profile

I hate math, especially when I’m forced to do quick calculations in my head. Figuring (forgive the pun) that many other people dislike math, I won’t ask anyone to do any calculations in my classes. For example, I would never cue something to the effect of; now I need everyone at 85% of AT for one minute… and then we’ll push up to 95% for the final 30 seconds! Against 

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