Above everything else; your participants want to have fun in your indoor cycling classes.
Join ICI/PRO to learn how to give them what they want (FUN), while you add in what they really need (effective training).

The Black Hole for Runners – and Cyclists

My friend Sally Edwards makes an excellent point here that applies equally to any endurance athlete and affirms our discussion from Podcast 368 – Does Intensity Trump Duration?. It turns out that very fast runs are good for you—and that moderately fast runs (those just above threshold, in the Black Hole) are not. That’s because Black Hole runs are too slow to cause enough stress to make your body want 

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Who will open the first HIGHCYCLE Indoor Cycling Studio?

smoke weed indoor cycling class

I saw this and couldn’t help but share 🙂 A Bay Area Gym Wants You to Get Sweaty and Stoned This May, the world’s first cannabis-infused gym will open in San Francisco, where members will be encouraged to integrate the plant into their pre- and post-workout regimen They’ll say it will be about “Science”… Power Plant Fitness will be a premier gym, McAlpine says, not just a hangout for potheads. 

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ICI PRO Podcast 368 – Does Intensity Trump Duration?

Do Indoor Cycling Classes really need to be 45-60 minutes – to provide the health and fitness benefits expected by our participants? Asked another way: If your studio offered classes that were shorter (say 30 minutes), while still just as effective as 3/4 or a full hour, could an “express class” attract people who feel time strapped? Of course anytime you use the words “just as effective” smart Instructors are 

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Who’s looking to hire passionate & talented Indoor Cycling Instructors?

Indoor Cycling Studios Hiring Today

So which fitness club or cycling studio is looking today to hire a passionate & talented Indoor Cycling Instructor? EVERY. CLUB. AND. EVERY. STUDIO. How can I say that with such conviction, without actually surveying every club/studio on the planet? That’s easy 🙂 Every successful business owner/manager I know, is continuously looking to hire good people. It doesn’t matter if they have a “help wanted” sign hanging in the window 

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ICI PRO Podcast 365 – Sprintervals Profile from Chrispins

As promised, here’s Chrispins’ latest class profile; Sprintervals!  Created by Chris (AKA Chrispins) Hawthorne Training Type: High Intensity Hills and Sprint Intervals Total Class Length: 60 minutes This profile is a high intensity mix of hills and sprints. It is comprised of 4-8 minute intervals and one final 6 minute interval-the ‘big finish’. Within each of the first four intervals you will be using both seated and standing climbs with 

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ICI Podcast 364 Chrispins on New Spotify Music Discovery Tools

Spotify Your Daily Mix Playlists

Chris Hawthorne, AKA Chrispins, joins me to discuss a few new music discovery tools she’s using in Spotify. As these Podcasts are only audio, I’ve included screenshots of where you’ll find the Discovery Weekly, Daily Mix and Recommended Songs for a specific playlist. NOTE: The song recommendations will only display for playlist that you’ve created – not for a playlist of someone else’s you’re subscribed. Listen below and then stay 

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ICI Podcast 362 – Peter G Speaks! Part 1

Peter G rewerks

Beyond his career as an Indoor Cycling Instructor – Peter Gonzalez, AKA Peter G, has created quite a following as a creator of custom remixes designed specifically for Indoor Cycling classes. I’m a Digital DJ and Indoor Cycling Instructor that creates the Best ReWeRks that ” Stay True ” to the original and are specifically designed for my #djonabike Indoor Cycling classes ! Peter’s music is available on Legitmix – 

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Could using an ‘Earworm” Improve Class Retention?

Wait, what’s an “earworm”? That was my thought, when I first read the term in some long forgotten article. Turns out that it’s an affliction that many of us have experienced… Earworm – Wikipedia An earworm, sometimes known as a brainworm, sticky music, or stuck song syndrome, is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind after it is no longer playing. Phrases used to describe 

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ICI Podcast 361 Life Time Fitness Takes Rhythm & Movement Classes Mainstream with AMP Cycle

I’ve felt that it was only a matter of time, before one of the mainstream Big Box clubs added an official Rhythm and Movement class offering. Last month Life Time Fitness introduced AMP Cycle – from this video it appears to be a no-holds-barred, full on party, that will engage the same participants who are drawn to the massively popular studios offering similar class formats. NOTE: I haven’t experienced an 

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ICI Podcast 358 Take your fitness studio’s “tribe” on vacation with TripTribe.com

Get Paid Trip Tribe Fitness Instructor Position

Our Cycling Studio Owners will want to check this out ASAP… For years we’ve promoted Working Fitness Vacations – where you, the Instructor, teache a few fitness classes in exchange for a very low cost, Caribbean vacation. Hundreds of Instructors have followed our recommendations and have really enjoyed their all inclusive vacations. Now there’s TripTribe.com. They specialize in assisting fitness professionals who want to take a group of clients (your 

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ICI Podcast 357 – Most Valuable Lessons Learned From Studio Owner Steph Cohen

Indoor Cycling Studio Owner Steph Cohen

Meet Stephanie (Steph) Cohen – owner of Ride Revolution Cycling Studios in Northvale, NJ! Steph is a member of our Cycling Studio Owners Advisory Group. In this episode of the Podcast, we discuss some of her most valuable lessons learned from running her successful studio for three years. Name of Studio:                                Ride Revolution Cycling Studios, LLC Location of Studio:                    

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