one minute indoor cycling class

Do Indoor Cycling Classes really need to be 45-60 minutes - to provide the health and fitness benefits expected by our participants?

Asked another way: If your studio offered classes that were shorter (say 30 minutes), while still just as effective as 3/4 or a full hour, could an "express class" attract people who feel time strapped?

Of course anytime you use the words "just as effective" smart Instructors are going to ask; "show me the research"!

Martin Gibala, Ph.D. is my guest, for this episode of the Podcast. Dr. Gibala has done the research (and I'm quoting from the back cover of his new book - The One Minute Workout) "As the world's foremost expert in high-intensity interval training, Martin Gibala has pioneered the study of new and remarkably time-efficient type of workout, making available the benefits of exercise in a fraction of the time.

Listen to our conversation in the Podcast below to learn more about the science of HIIT and how you could use this information to improve your classes and attract more participants.

Here's a short video featuring Martin Gibala, Ph. D.

Originally posted 2017-02-20 16:50:33.


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