Heart Rate Display Training Contributes to Women’s World Cup Victory

The USA Women won the World Cup finals in soccer yesterday! The US team coaches are using heart rate training, aka Heart Zones Training, extensively in their preparation for what lead to this victory. I wanted to share with you an article released yesterday about how that training is accomplished using training load points and player position specificity – and comments that I made in that regard in the article. 

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A good ride!

I taught my last class today. My last ride so-to-speak. It all started seven years ago. I had been Spinning® for years. That day our regular instructor asked me to lead her class. She was just too sick. To me – a pilot – it was like being asked to safely land an airliner because the pilots were incapacitated. Truth be told, I was far more prepared to land a 

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Is non-invasive blood O2 and lactate sensing the future of Heart Rate Training?

noninvasive blood lactate testing for runners and cyclists

Hey how hard should I be working to; get faster, lose weight, build endurance, ect… Answering that is the age old dilemma many of us face when questioned by our riders. We try to be helpful by offering subjective descriptions of what both thresholds should feel like. We give breathing cues, run special FTP classes and/or include Best Effort intervals into our class. They’re all designed to help our participants 

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Is this the best Indoor Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Strap?

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Strap ANT+ BLE

I’m thinking this new Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate monitor strap could be the best I’ve ever tested – for a bunch of reasons that include removing what I feel has always been one of the biggest objections to wearing a HR strap. Despite all of our collective efforts explaining the benefits of training in specific heart rate zones, we’re lucky if we have 30% of our participants monitoring their heart 

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ICI Podcast 260 Understanding Heart Rate Variability HRV and measuring HRV using the ithlete iPhone app

When should you go hard… and when should you take it easy? It’s a great question. Often our response depends on very subjective feelings = we may think we know, but we really aren’t completely sure. As Jim Karanas pointed out in his Intervals post this week, we are often too focused on the Work component of exercise and not enough on the Recovery. So how can you know when 

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Putting Heart Rate Monitors to Work, Part 2

By Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas This protocol, developed by Team ICG®, outlines a “first HRM experience” to help the student connect HR with perceived exertion. The last post covered the warm-up and Level 1. From here, the progression builds to greater levels of effort. Level 2 This is where the student’s sensitivity will grow the most. A novice is least able to feel the subtle changes that occur 

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How To Get Your Students to Wear Heart Rate Monitors

By Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas Everyone agrees that indoor cycling classes using heart rate are more effective and even more fun to teach.  This post is not about which HR training principles to use or the best way to determine training zones.  You or the facility at which you teach can decide those things. This is about how to get your students to wear HRMs in the first 

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Tech Tuesday – Measuring Power Using Heart Rate?

cycleops powercal power meter

Can an Indoor or Outdoor Cyclist measure their power using only Heart Rate? I personally find it hard to believe, and yet CycleOps says their new PowerCal will do exactly that. Now if I had seen this advertised on some late night infomercial I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but CycleOps is one of the leaders in Power measurement for both Indoor and Outdoor Cyclists… so it must 

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Using your Heart Rate Monitor as a GPS, not a speedometer.

Out front, for 150 miles, riding the bus

Reaching the end of the MS150 yesterday Amy commented to me that she was still relatively fresh and willing to go longer… which was the exact opposite from last year when we arrived completely trashed at the end of both days. I was in complete agreement and began to wonder why I too felt great at the end of 150 miles in the saddle and didn’t feel like I wanted to eat everything I saw 

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Heart Rate Monitor Survey – Early Results

Why people don't wear heart rate monitors in spinning classes

Thank You to the 354 of you who have completed our survey! It is greatly appreciated. Because I chose to keep the survey anonymous, if you asked me to contact you I don’t know who’s who. Please contact me directly. My goal is to collect 1,000 responses. If you haven’t yet, so please take two minutes to share your experiences. Click here to take the survey This jumped out at me 

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More on ZONING – the video!

Blue Yellow Red heart rate training zones

In this post I mentioned that I was using a Blink Heart Rate monitor because I can’t see the numbers any more. It’s flashing light shows me when I’m below JRA ( T1 or aerobic threshold), between T1 and T2 (T2 is anaerobic threshold) or above T2. Very simple. I like simple when it comes to trying to communicate with my class. ICI/PRO member Chuck Cali has a fun video he shot 

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