Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Strap ANT+ BLE

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Strap works with ANT+ and BLE devices and consoles.

I'm thinking this new Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate monitor strap could be the best I've ever tested - for a bunch of reasons that include removing what I feel has always been one of the biggest objections to wearing a HR strap.

Despite all of our collective efforts explaining the benefits of training in specific heart rate zones, we're lucky if we have 30% of our participants monitoring their heart rate. I know that some classes are better than that, but based on all of the surveys I've done in the past that's about where we are.


If I put on my salesman's hat, I know that people don't buy a product or service for lot's of reasons. Salespeople call these objections. If you want to make the sale, you typically need to remove or minimise the prospect's objections; who in this instance is our class participant.

So what are the often stated objections?

  1. No interest - it's almost impossible to sell anything to someone with no interest.     
  2. Too expensive - for relatively low priced objects like an $80 HR monitor, the selling price objection is often masking some other issue - or - means the prospect isn't seeing enough benefit.
  3. Too complicated - do the manufactures of HR monitors actually use their own products? Setting the typical Polar watch is needlessly complicated. I've gotten to the point where I refuse to help people set their HR watches before or after class because I can't get sucked into a 30 minute project where, more often than not, I'll fail. See #5
  4. Too confusing - as an industry, with all of the branded zone based training systems, we've made heart rate training impossibly confusing for new participants. IMO if you're talking about anything more than three zones based on thresholds, you've lost many of your club athletes.  See #5
  5. Too stressful -  It's stressful to me when I'm offered a coupon the grocery store, good for my next visit. Why? Because then I'll have to remember the coupon the next time I'm there - which I won't when the cashier asks me; "do you have any coupons?" Our members aren't any different than me or you: getting to class on time is stressful enough. I don't need the added stress of remembering my HR monitor... finding both of my shoes is tough enough. See #8 for the source of even more stress.
  6. Willful ignorance - face it, there are people in your class who want to believe they're burning 1,000 calories in a 45 minute class, where they don't break a sweat. You'll never sell these people on any form of performance measurement (these are the peeps who cover their power console so they can't see their wattage) unless you're running a special on unicorn spit detox syrup.
  7. Uncomfortable - the old versions of hard plastic HR chest straps were very uncomfortable. The new soft straps are an improvement - but they are still not pleasant to wear. Many women won't even think of wearing a HR strap for anatomical reasons. Then there's the other type of uncomfortable as in; "I'm not comfortable opening my shirt to put this strap on, with other people around" 🙁
  8. Unreliable - how many times have you found yourself thinking; IS THIS THING ON? Is the strap battery dead? Maybe I need some additional spit on it? Do I need to shave a horizontal stripe across my hairy chest to get this thing to connect? Wait, who's BPM am I seeing here?

That's 8 realistic reasons why you see so few people wearing a HR strap. The new Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate monitor strap addresses many of the objections I've listed above:

  1. Not complicated - the HR watch is the source of most of the confusion. No watch = no confusion. The RHYTHM+ pairs easily with any bluetooth device (iPhone / Android) using any fitness App that has a HR function. It also pairs with ANT+ monitor consoles found on the Schwinn AC, FreeMotion S series and Spinner Blade Ion. Sorry - the RHYTHM+ doesn't connect with the Keiser M3.
  2. Removes a little stress - It's so small that I can tuck it into my shoe. So if I find both I've also got my HR strap 🙂
  3. Super comfortable - just slide it onto your forearm. Because it uses optical sensors it doesn't need to be moistened and it's not affected by hairy arms. And no one will feel embarrassed when they put it on.
  4. Better reliability - there's a little red light that shines when it's on and it comes with a USB charger.

You'll find more info about the Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate monitor strap here.

Originally posted 2018-06-11 08:22:30.


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