My Journey to IHRSA 2015: Part 1

My Journey to IHRSA 2015: Part 1 When John asked me to document my trip to IHRSA 2015 I thought it would a quick and easy post about the trip and what I saw while I was there, but when I finally sat down to write this post I realized what a “long strange trip it has been” and it starts long before I boarded Southwest Airlines flight # 4812 

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What I saw new and/or cool at IHRSA 2015

Spinner® Blade Ion Belt Drive

There were a few things of interest at IHRSA this year that I’d like to tell you about: NOTE: I completely overestimated my available time to write my review of the Stages SC3 = I hope to have it completed by Sunday… but don’t wait for me if you’re planning to pull the trigger on a studio > The SC3 is a solid IC option and I wouldn’t have any 

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Here’s what I’m excited to see at IHRSA!

I’m super excited to participate at IHRSA 2015 next week – this is the largest fitness equipment/programing and services show in the USA. Our industry is continuously changing and many manufacturers launch their latest and greatest at this huge event. Amy is joining me again this year and we’d love to meet you! We get into LA Tuesday 3/10 morning and will be there until noon friday. Here’s the IHRSA promotional 

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Going to IHRSA in San Diego next week?

New Indoor Cycling Group IC7 Indoor Cycle

  IHRSA is the big fitness equipment show held each year in the USA. Last year the show was in Las Vegas and I spent a bunch of time riding and comparing a number of new-for-2013 Indoor Cycles with power, including the Spinner® Blade Ion and Freemotion’s belt driven Carbon Drive S11.9. There’s more cool stuff coming out this year. I’m excited to see the new power bike from ICG 

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ICI/PRO Podcast 299 – Power and your Playlist… don’t make it too hard

Corbin Chinatti Ruff with Mom and Dad

Stages Indoor Cycling’s Dunte Hector joins me to discuss his ideas about integrating power, while using your existing music playlists. Brilliant in its simplicity and so easy to implement… I wish I had thought of it myself. Learn Dunte’s trick below. We actually recorded this PRO Podcast back on 2/7 and we mention that Cameron Chinatti was due to give birth at any moment. Well on Feb 13 Corbin Chinatti 

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Power’s Second Coming for Indoor Cycling

I’m going to go out on a limb here (wow, that’s new for me right? NOT!) and say that we will see a resurgence of interest in Power this year. It’s not rocket science nor spooky soothsaying, it’s just logical from my point of view. When the Keiser & Schwinn made their initial power introduction to the market about 5 years ago, there was considerable interest and attention. Well, one 

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ICI Podcast 268 Evo Indoor Cycles and TriCore Indoor Cycling

Evo Indoor Cycle and Instructor Education Certification

I was intrigued by the new Evo Indoor Cycle when I saw it at this past IHRSA. The first thing I noticed was there’s no big flywheel… and it moves side to side. Once I discovered that there was an educational component to the Evo, I knew I needed to learn more and share what I’ve learned with you. Here’s a video that demonstrates how the frame moves very similarly 

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Remove Resistance to Build a Larger Following

by Team ICG® Master Trainer Chuck Cali As I prepared to support ICG at IHRSA 2013, I considered the ICG tenet that learning is about removing resistance. I had just gotten back from a bit of Vegas shopping.  A nice saleslady asked me what I was doing in Vegas and told me about the time she and her friends first tried indoor cycling.  She loved it and was hooked, but 

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Comparing Spinning’s® Friction to FreeMotion’s® Magnetic Resistance

power to ride a bicycle 25 mph and 30 mph

Many Indoor Cycle manufacturers claim a connection with cycling outdoors: 100% Authentic – Spinning is authentic. It’s true to its cycling roots, yet refined to a simplicity that makes it the perfect program for any age or ability. FreeMotion says; Drive System Mimics Outdoor Riding The Schwinn® Authentic Cycling™ Series is based on one simple principle: we believe that riding a bike indoors should feel as much like riding an outdoor bike as possible. There 

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Adding cues to an iTunes playlist on your iPhone or iPad

ClassBuilder Indoor Cycling app alternative

UPDATE: App developer Dave Norfleet is available to answer your questions posted below as a comment. Schwinn Master Trainer Julz Arney showed me an interesting iPhone app when we met at IHRSA. She’s been using this app to build her class playlists and was really excited to show it to me. I’m very tempted to use it (instead of Spotify) simply for the class count-down timer and numbers that are big enough to read 

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Could You Lose Your Job To A Video?

By Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas IHRSA 2013 demonstrated a major increase in club owners’ interest in virtual indoor cycling classes – rides led by a virtual coach or voice-over using Forward Motion Video (FMV). No instructor present. It was apparent at the IHRSA Trade Show that many club owners are now considering technology-based workouts. Fitness companies have picked up on the benefits of virtual indoor cycling, chronicled by 

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