Corbin Chinatti Ruff with Mom and Dad

Corbin Chinatti Ruff with Mom and Dad - Sorry Dunte, this picture was so cute I couldn't pass up using it for this post 🙂

Stages Indoor Cycling's Dunte Hector joins me to discuss his ideas about integrating power, while using your existing music playlists. Brilliant in its simplicity and so easy to implement... I wish I had thought of it myself. Learn Dunte's trick below.

We actually recorded this PRO Podcast back several years ago and we mention that Cameron Chinatti was due to give birth at any moment. Well on Feb 13 (after we recorded) Corbin Chinatti Ruff became the newest member of the Stages family.

Listen below or find it in your PRO Members feed.


Originally posted 2018-01-08 09:00:49.


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