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We feel a big reason for this is that is completly Non-denominational, we aren't tied to a specific Indoor Cycling Brand, programing or methodolgy - we support all forms of Indoor Cycling.

So it doesn't matter where, when or with whom you got certified, everything we publish is designed to help you excel as a Professional Indoor Cycling Instructor.

We don't use the word Non-denominational lightly. We are truly inclusive of the most progressive manufactures and education providers in our industry. We can demonstrate this through partnerships with; Keiser, Stages Indoor Cycling - FreeMotion Fitness, The Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) in support of LiveStrong Fitness, Cycling Fusion, Heart Zones, Zoning Fitness, Pearl iZumi and others.

We offer you a ton of information (hundreds of informative articles and over 380 podcasts to date) that you can use to educate and motivate not only your class, but you as well 🙂

In October 2010 we hosted our first conference, bringing over 90 passionate Instructors together for a weekend of intensive education and we did it again in 2011 in Boston MA.

But some of you wanted more. More specific guidance on; Queuing and Heart Rate Training, more interesting and effective Class Profiles, and more music suggestions that you can use to teach the perfect class... you know, the one where they CHEER YOU AT THE END!

To help you get from class warm-up to the applause at the end, we created ICI/PRO, the ultimate resource for Indoor Cycling Instructors. You can experience what other ICI/PRO Member Instructors are using to fill their classes every week, for only $1.00



Check out our excellent current and former contributors.

Joey Stabile

Director of the Indoor Cycle Instructor

John Macgowan

Host of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast

Jim Karanas Memorial Celebration

Jim Karanas

Master Instructor with the Indoor Cycling Group of North America / LIVESTRONG fitness

Kathy Helmuth

Master Coach of our ACE certified Parkinson's Cycling Program

Cameron Chinatti Stages Indoor Cycling

Cameron Chinatti

Master Instructor with STAGES Indoor Cycling / FreeMotion Fitness

Spinning Instructor Barbara Hoots

Barbara Hoots

Bring some "Southern Hospitality" to your class

Gene Nacey

Master Instructor with Cycling Fusion and a Training and Teaching with Power Guru

Tom Scotto

Master Instructor with Cycling Fusion

Christine Hawthorne

Christine Hawthorne

Spinning Instructor and Music Playlist Magician

indoor cycling music Keith Burnage

Keith Burnage

The MixMeister Expert and the creator of our Audio PROfile mixed .MP3s

Dr Shannon

Our Doctor of Encouragement and Inspiration

Doug Rusho

Master Instructor with STAGES Indoor Cycling

We are always looking for Expert content contributors. If you think you have something to offer feel free to contact us.


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