Master Instructor Cameron Chinatti


Meet Cameron Chinatti,  Master Instructor on the ICI/PRO Team

ICI/PRO Master Instructor Cameron Chinatti
Cameron is the Director of Education for Foundation Fitness and Lead Developer of Stagesâ„¢ Indoor Cycling. Concurrently, she serves as CEO of Sounds Fit Solutions Inc; a company dedicated to fitness and audio systems education. She is a Premier Consultant for Sunshine Fitness Resources and an international presenter/lecturer, Cameron has had the opportunity to educate on numerous topics ranging from indoor cycling to fitness career development. Her recent publishing credits include work for Foundation Fitness, and multiple contributions to the IDEA Fitness Journal and IDEA Fitness Manager. A background in Opera Performance and Vocal Pedagogy has led Cameron to create a specialty niche for fitness professionals wishing to develop the health, clarity and endurance of the human voice- a teacher”™s greatest asset. Cameron is currently a Master Trainer for BOSU® by Fitness Quest as well as Glidingâ„¢ by Savvier. She is a continuing education provider for ACE and AFAA holding specialty certifications through numerous organizations. When not EduTaining in Nashville, TN., Cameron can be found entertaining and singing with Hi-Phi Entertainment based in Boulder, CO.