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Barbara Hoots

Indoor Cycling Studio Design Service Barbara Hoots

Barbara Hoots is principal of the consulting firm, Indoor Cycle Design. Offering a range of scales from small boutique studios to corporate and franchised programs, Barbara collaborates with clients to enrich their indoor cycling offerings and approaches work assignments through problem solving and design. She is skilled at translating the needs, desires and aspirations of clients while creating practical, unique environments on any budget.

Strategy plays an important role in Barbara’s work. She is an advocate for sustainable design, brings a rich knowledge of indoor cycling to each program, and works with clients to create beautifully functional studios where students can train to their full potential and empower their lives.

As a contributing columnist and conference presenter for Spinning News® and Indoor Cycling Instructor Pro, Barbara offers studio momentum workshops and grand opening marketing ideas. Passionate about the mental benefits of indoor cycling, she teaches fundraiser rides for Special Olympics, cancer survivors, patients of recovery and other organizations.

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Explanation of Focus

My goal is to share marketing strategies guaranteed to spice up your class and rejuvenate your gym’s indoor cycling program. Learn how a few simple acts of hospitality, some much-needed laughter and a savvy playlist can ignite a wildfire of enthusiasm and make your class the hottest ticket in town. You won’t find any technical jargon in my column, but you will gain insight into the subliminal elements that keep ‘em coming back for more.

As a passionate instructor for over a decade, I’ll share secrets that amped my ailing Spinning class from 10 to 55 in less than two years. Check out Podcast #52 and listen to me describe  “Six Ways to Grow Your Cycling Class.”

I’d love to hear YOUR stories of success!

Email me with practical jokes you’ve played on a class, songs that pump up your students or marketing ideas that have worked for you!