John Macgowan

John Macgowan

Have you ever found yourself bored or frustrated with your class?

It was the summer of 2008 and I was both bored (with teaching) and frustrated (because I was getting fewer "great class John" affirmations from my students). So I started looking for a resource where I could find a fresh perspective, one that I could use to reinvigorate me and hopefully my class.
I had recently started listening to Podcasts (Internet Radio) between sales calls and wondered if there was a Podcast for Indoor Cycling or Group Fitness Instructors that would stir up a spark in me that I could bring to my next class. With all the motivated fitness entrepreneurs in the world, someone had to have started something, but nope, nothing. “How hard can this be?” I thought.
My greatest fear was running out of stuff to talk about. Episode #1 of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast posted in August of 2008.  Today after 340 episodes (with no end in sight) I”™m proud to say it”™s grown to become the Indoor Cycling Communities”™ #1 resource for motivation, education, entertainment, news and events... and we will never run out of things to talk about 🙂
What”™s the secret? I think staying true to my initial plan; create an online line resource for any Indoor Cycling Instructor. It wouldn't matter with whom you received your certification, where you teach or the type of class format you follow > you are welcome here!
Add the talents of Master Instructors; Dennis Mellon, Tom Scotto, Jim Karanas, Cameron Chinatti + many other excellent contributors and together we are helping Instructors around the world take their classes from simply ordinary to extraordinary!
It doesn”™t matter where you received your training & certification; Spinning, Schwinn Cycling, Keiser Cycling, Cycle Reebok, Reaction Cycling, Les Mills RPM Cycling, LeMond RevMaster Indoor Cycle or some other Group Fitness training organization.
Or maybe you are a Spinning® enthusiast, considering becoming a certified indoor cycling instructor?

John Macgowan at the Life Time World Record Indoor Cycling Class in Minneapolis March 7th 2010

That's me at the Life Time World Record Indoor Cycling Class

Listen as the worlds best Indoor Cycling instructors, presenters and industry leaders discuss; teaching and presentation skills, sports performance training, class ride profiles, entertaining routines, heart rate training, nutrition, weight management, promoting your class and lots of discussion about music.
Please feel free to let us know if there is something or someone you'd like to have us address or feature on the Podcast.

I'm just a regular Indoor Cycling Instructor, having taught for about 20 years. I'm currently teaching and leading outdoor group rides for LifeTime Fitness at a very nice location in Eden Prairie, MN. Before that I did some competitive cycling that I used to fill the gap left after I gave up motorcycle road racing.
My passion for cycling may be genetic. Check out these pictures from my Great Grandfather who raced bicycles back in the late 1890's!
Wife Amy is the "Senior Group Fitness Instructor" in our home and at ICI/PRO. She's taught just about our entire married lives, 27 years this past September 2013. Amy teaches at a different LifeTime Fitness location in Eden Prairie, MN.
That's me in front, with my faithful stoker Amy Macgowan doing her part in the back of our Tandem that we affectionately call The Bus.
Do we sub for each other? Yes. Are we different in our teaching styles? As different as night and day - people say her music is better than mine. Co-teach a class together? Absolutely, we do special 2 hour endurance rides together every Christmas and New Years! (The members say they love to watch us snip at each other!)
To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary we jumped out of an airplane.