Dr. Shannon

Meet ICI/PRO Team Member Dr. Shannon!

Our friend Dr Shannon and Amy back in 2000 or so

"Simply the most encouraging person I've ever met." That's how I describe my friend Dr. Shannon Subramaniam (AKA:  Dr. Shannon). We introduced her to you at ICI Podcast #200!!!! Be The Instructor Your Students Can”™t Wait To See Again. Dr. Shannon exemplifies the type of person you look for when you need to recharge or are feeling down. She is truly someone you can't wait to see again 🙂
Amy taught Group Fitness with Dr. Shannon back in the you-don't-want-to-know-how-long-ago days of leg warmers and leotards and her infectiously positive attitude has never wavered.
Dr. Shannon is a mother to Anni, who's the same age as our younger daughter Carly, and stepmom to Sarah and Michelle.  This fall all three of her daughters will be in college! The Dr. in front of her name identifies her other passion as an accomplished Chiropractor in Tulsa, OK.
Often outspoken and sometimes controversial, Dr. Shannon focuses on awakening your inner healer with profound truth, so you will KNOW that your WELLNESS is in you and you will HEAL YOUR LIFE WELL from Above, Down, Inside and Out.  Dr. Shannon Subramaniam is the author of Dr. Shannon Knows...The 12 Steps for WELLTHY People.  She has been a chiropractor since 1995, serving patients in her private practice and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  Dr. Shannon is also a Healing Performance Coach for doctors, caregivers and leaders seeking to heal their life well.  www.drshannonlive.com

Dr. Shannon's daughter Anni and our Carly after visiting the "Don't pick the flowers" section of the park. Both start college this fall 🙂

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