Christine Hawthorne

Spinning Instructor Chris Hawthorne
Chris is a certified indoor cycling instructor and blogger with a passion for music and creating ‘just the right playlist”™ for her indoor cycling classes.  She began her blog, ‘Chrispins”™ as way for her cycling students to view the music that she was playing in her classes.  It quickly became a popular site for other instructors searching for new music, profiles and motivation for their own classes.

I fell in love with Spinning when my gym finally purchased Spin bikes and started a program in 2008.  I loved everything about it and before I knew it, I was creating my own rides and playlists to work out to on my own.  Even though I had been athletic and fit my whole life, I felt stronger and more fit (and I was having more fun) than I ever had.

Chris is a newly trained outdoor road cyclist.  She recently completed a 100 mile charity ride and plans on training and riding again this year.
She has been a full time kindergarten teacher for over 19 years.  She is a wife and mom of two boys.
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You'll find all of Chris' articles here.
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