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When should you go hard... and when should you take it easy?

It's a great question. Often our response depends on very subjective feelings = we may think we know, but we really aren't completely sure.

As Jim Karanas pointed out in his Intervals post this week, we are often too focused on the Work component of exercise and not enough on the Recovery.

So how can you know when your body is rested and ready for more work? Athletes have for years used resting heart rate as a measure to understand. If it's elevated above normal maybe it's time to take it easy, or if normal, time to hammer.

My guest today is Simon Wegerif, an expert on HRV and the founder of Simon feels he has a more scientific method of deciding if & when your body is recovered and ready for more.

ithlete is an application for either iPhones or Androids that measures and tracks Heart Rate Variability (HRT).

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Originally posted 2013-04-10 10:23:54.


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