We got great responses to our two surveys asking for feedback from both Instructors and Studio owners about the Indoor Cycles they're riding and the impact power is having on their classes. Now the challenge becomes; "how do we publish all of this information in a way that's valuable?" I had originally wanted to just share all of the info, except I'm not finding an easy way to remove all of the personal information - so I'm not comfortable sharing access to the full results.

Instead I'd like to help you understand what I feel are the important bits 🙂

Let's start with answering what I see as the most important questions; Is Power worth the added expense, and does it improve the quality of Indoor Cycling classes?

Is power worth the expense for Indoor Cycling classes?

70.8% of respondents responded in the affirmative, yes, power is important = worth the added investment vs. conventional ICs without power. The other 29% offered a reserved Maybe - with it dependent on the makeup of a club's members and Instructors. There weren't any negative responses.

Percentage enjoy power

Over 70% say their riders are interested in power - does that square with your experience? I really wish I had included more questions asking what do your riders like about power/watts?


Did the switch to power increase attendance? This is a good sign with 20.5% saying YES they're seeing improved attendance in class and less than 2% say it's reduced class size.

class per instructor

I asked this question specifically to studio owners; Is there a noticeable difference in attendance between Instructors who focus on Power vs. Instructors who don't? In retrospect I now see that this would have been a difficult question to answer and It doesn't appear that there's much difference between them.

Now there does seem to be a disconnect between Instructors and owners & managers about the quality of the wattage these Indoor Cycles are displaying.

ChartExport (2)

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Which is typical. We're in the thick of it, while owners and managers have learned to tune out complaints 🙁

I'm working on the comparisons between brands and will have it up ASAP.







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