Indoor Cycling Compendium on Power Training

compendium (plural: compendia) is a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge. A compendium may summarize a larger work.

Gene Nacey with Cycling Fusion knows Training with Power - indoors and out. The Indoor Cycling Compendium for Power Training is a new ebook resource that Instructors can purchase to be well informed and comfortable communicating the finer points of Power Training into your classes.

Here's an excerpt from Sally Edwards' Forward to Indoor Cycling Compendium for Power Training 

‘Power Training”™ is the first book to accomplish that goal. Everything else you read is focused on the outdoor rider, but Gene knows that it is the combination of the two that builds fit cyclists. His unique approach targets the IC rider specifically, as he shows you how the principles he uses inside also work outside. Training with power meters was once reserved for only the elite cyclist, but Gene has demystified it, creating a tool and a program that the average recreational rider can easily understand. He accomplishes this feat using an agnostic approach, inviting you to apply the information in this book to every manufacturer”™s power meter on every power meter—equipped indoor bike. As long as you have the data from the power meter, you can follow his comprehensive system. You”™ll love the charts and the workout tools in the book – each provides a way to translate the numbers on an IC power-meter bike into something tangible and easy to use for both the IC instructor or you, the rider.

Listen to our discussion below and then leave your thoughts about bringing this level of detailed knowledge into your classes.

Here's the link to pre-order either an iBook or eBook version and save $10.00

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