For the past two year's or so I have been lobbying for a universal "Standard" for the description of Heart Rate Training Zones. The purpose is to get all of us talking with a common language, so we aren't confusing our students and help them reach their weight loss goals by training more effectively.

I love what we have been calling 2T/3Z or Two Thresholds / Three Heart Rate Zones and feel it is perfect for the "Club Athletes" who make up the majority of our classes.

Now there is a multi-week Heart Rate training program, designed around 2T/3Z & the Blink Heart Rate monitor, that you can offer to the clients at your club or studio. Zoning was developed by Ms. Zone Based Heart Rate Training herself; Sally Edwards, along with her partner (and ICI/PRO member) Chuck Cali.

Zoning is literally a Turn-Key fitness program in a can. I mean it will actually arrive at your studio in a can 🙂 The Zoning can contains everything you need:

  • Handouts and training video to educate your instructors
  • Promotional materials to help you sell your 6 week Zoning program to your clients
  • Class plans for leading each of the 6 weekly small group classes
  • Wall charts for your studio
  • And a supply of easy to see / easy to program Blink Heart Heart rate monitors for weight loss programs that you can to sell to your students.

Having seen the complete program I'm confident you will want to offer Zoning

Zoning is due to be released on November 15th and they are currently interviewing potential Beta sites. If you own or manage a fitness studio and would like to be considered as an early test facility (or you would like to be contacted when the program is released) follow this link to submit your contact information. 

This Podcast will give you much more detail.

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