Instructor and Zoning Specialist Kay Mamo joins me to discuss her version of a Cycle & Strength class and then provides the profile and music suggestions that you can use to teach you own class of this format.

In case you missed it, I subbed a "Cycle - Sculpt" class a few weeks ago and posted about it here. I also posted it on my Facebook page where Kay quickly commented that she wanted to share her experiences teaching what she calls a "CYCLE & STRENGTH" class with you. So here it is 🙂

I feel that there are some key takeaways you can learn from Kay in her interview - the most important being how her class is very similar to the one I subbed = these are not the typical participants you see in your classes each week. There's something about these (do we call them combo classes?) that make them very appealing to non-cyclists.

Everyone can listen to Kay's profile below > Only ICI/PRO members will see links to download the profile pdf and complete Spotify playlist.

[wlm_ismember]Feel free to treat yourself to a monthly or annual subscription and be ready for 2014.[/wlm_ismember]


Cycle & Strength Profile PDF

Cycle & Strength PRO/Playlist


During the interview we mention this Podcast ICI/PRO Podcast 276 — Successfully sell your new class or programming idea to management! that maybe helpful if you're thinking that you'd like to add this type of class to your schedule.

Does your club / studio offer a similar format? If so, how is the attendance and member acceptance?

What do (or would) you do differently?

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