heart spotifyBy Jennifer Lintz, Registered Dietitian and ICI/PRO Member Soigneur

Now that I'm finally on Spotify, there is one feature that I particularly appreciate:

Spotify Radio.

Pre-Spotify, this was my process for finding new music and creating playlists:

  1. Listen to Pandora.
  2. Make a note of songs that would work well in class.
  3. Download new tunes from eMusic.
  4. Create playlist in iTunes.

Not anymore!

Spotify has become my one-stop shop for creating class profiles. Instead of going from Pandora to eMusic to iTunes, I now do every single bit of my playlist prep in Spotify. This is my current routine:


Click the "i" for any track and then click Start Radio for a playlist of similar music.

  1. Listen to Spotify Radio. I also enjoy looking at my friends' and colleagues' Spotify playlists for ideas. 
  2. Add songs I like directly to my class playlist.

The "directly" part was a huge selling piece for me.  In addition to hitting the "Thumbs Up" button, which immediately saves songs to the "Liked from Radio" playlist, you can add radio songs directly to your class playlist by:

  • dragging them to a playlist on your computer OR
  • clicking "Add to _______" and selecting the appropriate playlist

Talk about a time saver!

On top of this feature, Spotify has unlimited skips, meaning we can hit the "Thumbs Down" button as many times as we would like. The number of stations is unlimited, too. You can create radio stations based on a specific artist, song, genre, or even a playlist you already made.

My love of Spotify caused me to cancel my $16.99/month eMusic membership and sign up for Spotify Premium ($9.99/month) so that I can use my music "offline" when I am teaching classes. So far, I am not looking back!

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