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Meet Gino Nacey, our Indoor Cycling with Power Guru!
I”™ve always said “If you love something enough, you”™ll figure out how to make money at it”.
So… good advice when you”™re doing the parent/child talk — a bit tougher to make it happen. So, I find myself putting this theory to the test. The business of cycling has become a second career of sorts. It is a veritable collision of my passion for cycling and an insatiable thirst to create something new. After being certified as a Spinning® instructor, I landed in Heart Zones territory under the mentorship of Sally Edwards, where I have become a Master Trainer; their go-to-guy for Training with Power. I am also now a certified USA Cycling coach, and in 2007 I opened Global Ride Training Center, an Indoor Cycling, Yoga & Pilates studio in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Along the way though, I had a vision for “bringing the outside in”, and through this process have combined a life long love of video editing to create Global Ride virtual cycling DVDs.
Despite having 2 bachelor degrees, a masters degree, and being a former entrepreneur of the year, I”™ve come face to face with deja vu — when you start at the beginning, there really are no shortcuts to the end. I spent 20 years building a technology business that continues to serve hospitals across the US, Canada & the UK, but I don”™t have that kind of time to build something in cycling. However, I also didn”™t have the Internet at my disposal back then either. So, maybe this can make the difference.
While my best sport is tennis, I can hold my own in cycling, having raced MTB for 10 years and more recently exploring (actually, getting spanked) racing my road bike.
I give all this background to help you see that it took all of this to offer me a unique perspective. This combination of facility owner, cycling coach/indoor instructor, product manufacturer, and my continued involvement in racing led me to the founding of Cycling Fusion. I want to work with industry leaders to see this concept take flight. I believe it is within our grasp — to unite the indoor and outdoor cycling worlds together through an industry first non-profit alliance. This will be no small undertaking, as the intention is to have an nation wide impact to upgrade indoor cycling programs across the country.
Cycling Fusion activities and its blogs are financially underwritten by Global Ride, producers of virtual cycling training DVDs which are a standard part of the indoor cycling regimen at the Global Ride Training Center, in Lower Burrell, PA.

My focus is on Training with Power. More specifically, it's training with power for everyone, not just racing types.  I have developed a curriculum aimed squarely at the casual cyclists with room to grow on both sides.  If you've never ridden outside, Cycling Fusion Power Training will help you become better prepared to handle the hills.  If you are an casual cyclist, we'll make you a stronger rider.  If you dabble in racing or epic (long/multi-day events) we'll help you improve on specific areas as they relate to power.  Only the serious, "I spend more money on my bike than my girlfriend" racers may not find our system as beneficial as they like... unless they've had a long layoff.  Then we can help them climb back.

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