Amy Macgowan

Meet Amy Macgowan
The Senior Group Fitness Instructor here at the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast

Zoning Master Instructor Amy Macgowan
Amy (John's wife) started in the fitness industry as an “aerobics instructor” after the birth of her first child 21 years ago. Progressing from teaching standard aerobics classes, to step, sculpt, weight lifting, slide (yes, slide!), BOSU, Johnny G Spinning, boot camps and now Mat Pilates, she still has the same passion and burning desire as a cycle and group fitness instructor as she did back then.
Amy loves to educate and teach as part of the Zoning Fitness Teaching Team.
Beyond fitness, Amy's passion is helping women enhance their natural beauty as a make-up artist for Lancome cosmetics. She's also a ShopNBC product spokesperson for Bay Area facial cosmetic surgeon, Stanley Jacobs M.D.
Amy's contributions to ICI/PRO speak to the practicalities of teaching, combined with managing a day job and a family. John frequently puts her on camera interviewing skills to the test and there's a good chance that you will meet her in her role as the co-hostess (along with Barbara Hoots) of the ICI/PRO Conference.
Amy enjoys being a mom to daughters Abby- 21 & Carly- 18 and of course being a wife to John. Her hobbies include cycling, traveling, singing in local bands, spending time with friends/family, reading and dreaming of the day she can move to a kinder, gentler climate.