BIG RIDE Video Featuring Cameron and Pam From STAGES Indoor Cycling

I wanted this up as soon as possible so you're watching the un-edited version. There is a short delay until the audio kicks in -

ICI/PRO Members can look forward to PRO Podcast #179 on Monday 10/10. In it Cameron Chinatti explains how you can bring this concept to your studio and provides the PROfile .pdf needed for you to teach this class next week 🙂
One point on using distance as a measurement for comparison.
The definition of Power is the amount of work done x the speed in which it occurs. If you and I travel one mile we have both done the same amount of work. But if you travel the mile faster than I do, you are creating more Power. These FreeMotion Indoor Cycles use Power to calculate distance... not simply pedal cadence as is the case with the Spinning computer for StarTrac Indoor Cycles.