Indoor Cycling 2.0

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After 17 years, I”™m thinking people are ready for something different…

Indoor Cycling  2.0â„¢

John Macgowan


I coined the phrase Indoor Cycling 2.0 â„¢ back when I started the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast.
I define it this way:
Indoor Cycling 2.0 â„¢ — is the transition from entertainment based exercise (fun, but without purpose and rarely effective) to results driven training (the stuff that works, just ask any real endurance athlete)
You can achieve it through the introduction of specific measurement tools; Heart Rate Monitors, Cadence (RPM) indicators, Power Meters and Periodization into your classes.
Our mission here at ICI/PRO is to provide you the tools and information you need to to teach a successful Indoor Cycling 2.0 â„¢ class.