More free music from Amazon

Anytime I find out about free music opportunities I'll let you all know. I apologize if this is only available in the US. If any of our readers from Europe or elsewhere hear of any free music opportunities in your country or part of the world (legal ones - that is all we can publish!) please let me know so I can share it with others from your region.
Once again, Amazon is giving out $2 in credits for MP3s until Dec 26. Click here to download yours. You may want to get a few more from the Top 210 list (or our previous Top 161 list).
In my effort to grow my rock/indie/alternative music library, I just downloaded these two from suggestions on the Top 210 list:
Take My Hand by Simple Plan
Two Step by Dave Mathews
Merry Christmas from Amazon!
(Thanks to SloSpin on Pedal-On for the heads up about this).